EDIT 2 (14 May): Master Talents are live!

EDIT (13 May): 

Due to a technical issue, the Master Talents launch will be postponed until tomorrow. We aim to enable this feature on 2024-05-14, 07:00 UTC.


Dear Community:

Following the full release of Version 67, we will be extending the Talent Grid with 5 additional levels. Each of these new levels (21-25), will grant a stat boost, and when the final node is unlocked, your Hero’s Talent will be upgraded to a more powerful Master Talent.

These empowered nodes can be unlocked using the brand-new Master Emblems. Keep an eye out for a free offer with Master Emblems in the game after the feature goes live! Going forward, Master Emblems can be earned as rewards in the brand new, weekly Master Class Quests. Players may only use Heroes of the matching Class in these Quests, which are designed to challenge even our most experienced players.

Once the new Master Talent nodes go live, the cost of some existing Talent nodes for 5* Heroes will be adjusted. Nodes that currently require 125 emblems will only need 80, and nodes that require 250 emblems will need 125. Please note that once this change goes live, the Emblems returned when resetting the Talent Grid will be based on these new values.

We hope these new Stat Boosts and upgraded Talents will help strengthen your favorite HeroesHeroes even more and, breathe new life into some less-used Heroes and get them off the bench and back in the game!