EDIT (3 Oct): Added information of mana generation bonus change for Morlovia Heroes.


2022-09-14, 09:00 UTC: iOS rollout has started.
2022-09-12, 09:40 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Contest of Elements
Oct. 10, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 13, 07:00 UTC
  • Contest of Elements: Holy
    • 10 stages
    • Only Holy Heroes can be used
    • Hero Roster Mastery (previously seen in Tavern of Legends):
      • Heroes can be used up to 2 times in the event
        • Costumes are not considered separate Heroes and will share this upper limit with their "base" Hero
      • Contest of Elements Event Heroes can be used up to 5 times
    • Battle Item capacity is doubled
    • Unique rules for this event:
      • All shields on the board — regardless of element — will release HOLY Troops when matched
      • Matching NON-Holy Shields:
        • Gives some amount of mana to all of your Heroes
      • Matching HOLY Shields:
        • Gives twice as much mana compared to non-Holy shields
        • Always releases STRONG attacks (= as if there's an elemental advantage)
        • Charges up Elemental Chaos
      • Elemental Chaos
        • Turns random non-Holy shields into Holy shields
        • Matches generated with Elemental Chaos do not charge Elemental Chaos
  • Super Elemental Summon: Holy
    • All Holy Heroes older than 180 days are obtainable from this Super Elemental Summon. (180-day restriction does not apply to the two new Contest of Elements Heroes.)
    • New Super Elemental Heroes:
      • Legendary
        • Jequn
        • Zandria
      • Super Elemental Family Bonus: At the end of each turn, for every ally (including this Hero) that shares this Hero's element, one shield of this Hero's element turns into a Power Gem. A Power Gem will deal damage to a random enemy each turn until matched. Power Gems do not fire on the turn they spawn. New Power Gems will not spawn if there are already 5 Power Gems of that element on the board.
    • Super Elemental Bonus Chest: Holy

Covenant of Champions: Covenant Quest
Sep. 27, 07:00 UTC – Sep. 30, 07:00

Face off against a variety of old and new Heroes — and earn Covenant Coins as loot!
  • 10 stages
    • Test your strength against waves of enemy Heroes standing in PvP formations!
    • Battle Items cannot be used
    • Account level must be Level 25 or above to participate
  • Schedule
    • The Covenant Quest is currently set to be held once every 2 months, but do keep in mind that our regular event cadence receives somewhat frequent updates. Please make sure to refer to our official event calendars (available on both our Community Forum and Support Center) for the most accurate schedule information!
    • The Covenant Summon (where your Covenant Coins will see use) is currently set to run on a "travelling merchant"-like cadence, just like some of our rarer quests that recur with some regularity but do not stick to an exact schedule. Please note that its opening hours thus may or may not coincide with the Covenant Quest.

Dynasty of Dunes
Sep. 29, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 3, 07:00 UTC
  • New Provinces
  • New Amulets
    • Djed
    • Crystal Benben
  • New Dunes Heroes
    • Ma'at
    • Set
  • Dunes Bonus Chest improvement
    • May now contain Dunes Coins as well as Ascension and Crafting Materials

Return to Morlovia
Oct. 3, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 14, 07:00 UTC
  • Event Bonus added
    • Morlovia Heroes become stronger in Return of Morlovia stages
  • Bonus for 2/3 Heroes: +5%/+12% mana generation --> Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: +3%/+6%/+12% mana generation
  • New Morlovia Heroes
    • Legendary
      • Alucard
      • Miriam & Midnight
      • Matilda
    • Epic
      • Ana-Belle
    • Rare
      • Goopy
  • New Passive Skill for Morlovia Heroes:
    • When this Hero casts their Special Skill, they steal the newest dispellable buff from a random enemy. If there are no buffs to steal, deal 70% damage to all enemies.

Challenge Festival I
Oct. 6, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 10, 07:00 UTC
  • New Pirate Hero
    • Anne

  • Adjustments to Season V Amulets
    • Was Scepter
      • Special Skill damage boost decreased: +80% → +50%
    • Tjet
      • Mana addition increased: 5% → 10% every 3 turns
  • Cobalt and Zagrog's Special Skills can no longer bypass the "share received damage" status effect when the target has another, bypassable, defensive buff
  • Damage taken from certain special tiles, such as Egg Bombs and Pumpkin Bombs, are now shared by Special Skills that make teammates share received damage
    • Heroes with such a Special Skill include Aegir, Dolgoon, Gunnar, Kailani, Mica, Wilbur


  • Added an [?]-icon info button to certain Hero cards' Special Skill descriptions
    • Intended to improve legibility for battle info UI (less walls of text!)
  • Additional revisions to Japanese localization text
  • Costume Black Knight now takes scratches instead of flesh wounds
  • Reduced ambiguity in the description text for Bard Heroes' revival chance reduction Passive
  • Tomes of Experience can now be used on Limit Broken Heroes as well

  • Added missing Path of Valor text keys
  • Added missing Special Skill animation & sound effects for Roc (Costume)
  • Challenge Event Hero Costumes now properly display the Event Bonus icon within the Edit Team view during Challenge Festival events
  • Challenge Festival Bonus Chest corner case issue resolved
  • Costume Bonus values now display correctly for Rare Atlantis Heroes and Rare Valhalla Heroes in their respective Summon Gate carousels
  • Dispelling Wolfgang's buff via the Moon Family Passive no longer incorrectly triggers Wolfgang's health boost
  • Family member count for the Bard Family Bonus no longer displays in battle info, as their Family Bonus is not affected in any way by the number of Bards on the team
  • Fiends no longer incorrectly prevent hit animations
  • Heroes without a second Costume no longer display the wrong Costume Bonus icon
  • Master Trainer Heroes are now sorted to the bottom (instead of to the top) of the list when the Hero Roster is sorted by element
  • Removed one boss enemy from Season V Province 14-10
  • Silvaria no longer incorrectly summons an additional Minion when inflicted with Burn via the Sun Family Bonus
  • Stacks inflicted by Udjat Eye (Amulet) are now properly shown with an icon
  • Taking damage from Nemesis's status ailment no longer causes an HP mismatch between battle info UI and portrait UI
  • The image of Charon in the Soul Exchange no longer glitches out under certain conditions
  • Udjat Eye (Amulet) no longer causes certain Season V enemies' HP bars to display incorrect values
  • Winifred's Passive no longer incorrectly benefits enemies