Welcome to the August 2022 Balance Update!

We're happy to report that the June 2022 Balance Update has successfully brought some much-needed fresh air into top-level play, even if some entrenched strategic trends remain. This month, we're making just a few small tweaks — and some long-awaited adjustments! The adjustments below are set to go live on Aug 24, 2022 08:00 AM UTC:

Costumed Alasie

  • Direct damage increased: 412% -> 436%.

  • Direct mana reduction decreased: 20% -> 10%.

  • Mana generation ailment can now be dispelled.

Costumed Alasie has been a bit too powerful based on our metrics and we have to tone her special down slightly.


  • Direct damage increased: 250% → 280%

  • Attack debuff decreased: -54% → -34%

  • Defense debuff decreased: -56% → -34%

  • Mana generation debuff decreased: -44% → -34%

Treevil has been overly oppressive in certain Raid Tournaments. We believe this evil tree's power level warrants some amount of trimming.

Cao Cao

  • Direct damage increased: 275% → 330%

  • Special Skill effect replaced

    • [OLD] Deals extra damage against Fire

    • [NEW] All allies get +30% defense for 4 turns

Our newest Kingdom Hero hasn't been performing as well as we'd expected. We hope this adjustment will help him fare a bit better in top-level play!


  • Special Skill effect replaced

    • [OLD] Recovers 40% health for all allies

    • [NEW] Boosts health by 650 for all allies (boosted health can exceed max HP)


  • Special Skill now also deals direct damage

    • x1 Mana Charge: 115% damage to all enemies

    • x2 Mana Charge: 210% damage to all enemies

    • x3 Mana Charge: 300% damage to all enemies


  • Direct damage increased: 107% → 157%


  • Special Skill now also recovers 10% health for all allies


  • Direct damage increased: 130% → 150%

  • Attack debuff increased: -24% → -34%

  • Special Skill now also deals extra damage against Fire

Do you remember how back in June, we asked for your input on which older Heroes you'd love to use a bit more often again? We hope the adjustments above will help you field these particular fan favorites in a wider range of situations! If your favorite Hero missed the cut this time, please feel free to jump into the discussions ongoing HERE — we will continue to check this category periodically.

As always, we will continue to keep an eye on all Heroes affected by this update in case further adjustments become necessary. Please refer to our Hero Balancing FAQ for why we occasionally make post-release balance adjustments. If you wish to share your feedback and discuss this update with fellow players, please feel free to join the discussion here.