2022-08-10, 09:00 UTC: iOS rollout has started.
2022-08-08, 09:00 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes

Tower of Styx

Sep. 21, 07:00 UTC – Sep. 26, 07:00 UTC

  • 50 floors in total
    • 25 Normal floors
    • 25 Impossible floors
  • New mechanic: Hero Class Restrictions
    • Heroes from 4 Classes become temporarily unusable for 5 floors
    • Restricted Classes change every 5 floors
    • The same order of restrictions apply to all players
    • The order of restrictions may change for the next Tower of Styx event
  • New tile: Soul Grasp
    • This tile “targets” one Hero
      • If not matched within 3 turns, the tile explodes and damages its target
      • If matched in time, the tile boosts the health of its target
  • Blessings
    • Can be chosen every 5 floors

Styx Heroes

  • Legendary
    • Amphitrite
    • Charon
    • Erebus
    • Nemesis
    • Thanatos
    • Nyx (previously featured in the 2022 Summer Solstice Summon)
    • Hypnos (previously featured in the 2022 Summer Solstice Summon)
  • Epic
    • Arges
    • Brontes
    • Steropes
  • Rare
    • Dante
    • Virgil

Styx Troops

  • Conjurer Cyclopes
  • Menacing Cyclopes
  • Ferocious Cyclopes
  • Fierce Cyclopes
  • Savage Cyclopes

Covenant of Champions

Aug. 30, 07:00 UTC – Sep. 3, 07:00 UTC

  • Unique summon roster system
    • Includes new Monster Hunter Heroes
    • Heroes from other Summon Gates may also be included in the Covenant Summon
    • The pool of obtainable Heroes will change each time the Covenant Summon appears
  • 6 featured Heroes
    • List of featured Heroes will change each time the Covenant Summon appears
  • Covenant Chest
    • Awarded for every 10 Covenant Summons made
    • Contents include Trainer Heroes, Master Trainer Heroes and Food Bundles
  • Covenant Coins
    • To celebrate the new event’s launch, all players will receive Covenant Coins as a gift!
    • Covenant of Champions events in FUTURE versions (not in Version 50!) will feature a Covenant Quest in which players can earn Covenant Coins as loot

Monster Hunter Heroes

  • Legendary
    • Cleaver
    • Malin
    • …and more to come!
  • Epic
    • Coming soon!
  • Rare
    • Dawn
    • …and more to come!

Classic Hero Costume Update

Sep. 5, 07:00 UTC –

A new batch of Costumes has been ordered for these beloved Classic Heroes! The following Heroes will now have TWO Costumes to choose from (in addition to their original form). Please note that the new Costumes will become obtainable from 2022-09-05, 07:00 UTC onwards.

  • Legendary
    • Elkanen
    • Khagan
    • Isarnia
    • Obakan
    • Vivica
    • …and more to come!
  • Epic
    • Kelile
    • …and more to come!

Maximum Costume Bonus values when two Costumes are fully maxed:

  • +15% attack
  • +15% defense
  • +20% HP
  • +5% mana generation

Please note:

  • Summoning a Hero from the Costume Chamber will now give you ALL Costumes of that Hero. If you successfully summon one of these Heroes who now have two Costumes, you will obtain BOTH Costumes (as well as the “base” Hero, of course).
  • The new Legendary Classic Hero Costumes will also be added to the pool of Legendary Costumes obtainable through the Hero Academy. Unlike the Costume Chamber, the Hero Academy will only produce ONE Costume at a time. Obtaining one of these Costumes via retraining will NOT provide that Hero’s “other” Costume.
  • The Masquerade event has been reworked. The quest will now feature more stages, new bosses, and new rewards.


  • New type of token
    • Added only for Player Support purposes (unobtainable through gameplay)
  • Royal Goblin Balloon
    • Keep an eye out for these elusive contraptions!


  • Mitsuko can no longer block mana reduction effects from Ice element Heroes’ Minions
  • Myztero now also memorizes whether a status ailment was uncleansable
    • Previously, all status ailments cast by Myztero were cleansable



  • Improved rewards for best-performing players in Three Kingdoms Wars
  • Japanese localization text categorically reviewed and revised
  • Removed the cap on the amount of Heroes that can be used to train (level up) a Hero
    • Previously, only 10 Heroes could be selected at a time
    • Please don’t try to train with more than 1,000 Heroes at once
  • Reworded some text in the “building already in progress” pop-up for accuracy
  • Reworded some text in the “Kemythian City” stage property description for clarity


  • Anton’s Special Skill (x1 Mana Charge) now correctly reads “all hit enemies”
    • Previously written as “all enemies” despite actually functioning as “all hit enemies”
  • Cap set for the amount of Troops that can be “locked” (designated as a Favorite)
    • Previously, there was no cap; the new cap is 500
  • Costume Finley’s Special Skill animation now properly “chains” again
  • Fixed (again) a visual bug in which the Berserk icon would not disappear from An-Windr or Gullinbursti in Challenge Event battles if their Special Skill was reflected by an Elemental Barrier
  • Fixed a rare visual bug that would occur at the very beginning of a battle when the initial board reshuffling due to a lack of matches immediately led to a cascade and took down an enemy Hero purely through Troop (tile) damage
  • Fixed a visual issue in which the Spreading Poison icon would not properly display on a Hero if that Hero had been inflicted with “normal” Poison, and Spreading Poison overwrote it
  • Marie-Thérèse (boss enemy) now correctly has an Elemental Barrier in the Challenge Festival
  • Master Trainer Heroes no longer obtainable through unintended avenues
  • Master Trainer Heroes now give the correct amount of experience when used on Costumes
  • Path of Valor icon now properly displays [!] when there are Event Challenge points to collect
  • Path of Valor rewards no longer incorrectly described as Starter Pass rewards in the Recent Activity Highlights view
  • Side buttons (e.g. the Path of Valor icon) can no longer “cover” building UI buttons (e.g. the Barracks’s “Troops” menu) and make them untappable
  • Udjat Eye (amulet) no longer causes Special Skills that only affect allies to incorrectly play animations atop enemies
  • UI text on Food and Iron bars now correctly update when switching in-game languages
  • UI will no longer display the wrong window when attempting to view a Raid Tournament opponent’s Alliance under certain circumstances