Our biggest Summon Gate to date shines brightly upon us!

If you weren't around for the much-beloved 2021 Black Friday Summon, you'll be happy to know that this one will be basically the same thing, but slightly better — since it comes with all of our newest Heroes in tow!


2022-06-01, 07:00 UTC – 2022-06-06, 07:00 UTC


🌓 Summer Solstice Summon 🌓
  • All Classic Heroes excluded
  • Roster consists of all Heroes from:
    • ALL past Challenge Events
    • ALL past Heroes of the Month
    • ALL past Seasonal Events
    • Tavern of Legends
    • Dunes, Underwild, Valhalla, Atlantis
    • Ninja Tower & Tower of Magic
    • Alliance Quest
    • War of the Three Kingdoms
  • Special Bonus Chest
    • Significantly improved chance to receive useful Aethers, Emblems, high-rarity Ascension Items, Trainer Heroes, and Food Bundles
  • Two never-seen-before Legendary Heroes, Hypnos and Nyx, will also be obtainable from this Summon Gate before their "official" release in a future event!
  • Costumes not included

Summer Solstice Gift

  • All players will receive a FREE gift during the event — please make sure to claim it!
  • The gift will pop up alongside other Summer Solstice offers