2022-05-23, 11:00 UTC: Please note that Tethys, not Oceanus, will be released on May 30.
2022-05-06, 10:05 UTC: Please note that Hohenwerf's release has been delayed.
2022-05-05, 08:20 UTC: Version 48 is now fully released on both platforms.
2022-05-03, 09:45 UTC: iOS rollout has started.
2022-05-03, 08:45 UTC: Updated "Stage Property: Stoneskin" section.
2022-05-02, 15:15 UTC: We have identified and fixed a bug in the build that had been rolling out. We are now rolling out a new build on Android to replace the previous one.
2022-05-02, 09:15 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes

Sanctuary of Gargoyles
May 12, 07:00 UTC – May 16, 07:00 UTC

➔ 30 new stages divided into 3 difficulties
➔ Stage Property: Stoneskin
  • Enemies "harden" by 10% each time you use a Battle Item or a Special Skill. If neither is used during your turn, Stoneskin decreases by 10% at the end of the turn.
  • 0% Stoneskin: no effect
  • 10% Stoneskin: all enemies receive 10% less damage
  • 20% Stoneskin: all enemies receive 20% less damage
  • 30% Stoneskin: all enemies receive 30% less damage
  • 40% Stoneskin: all enemies receive 40% less damage
  • 50% (Max) Stoneskin: all enemies recover 5% health, are cleansed of all status ailments, receive 50% less damage, and receive the "Stoneskin" status effect (reduces 3 instances of incoming damage to 1; undispellable). Stoneskin progress resets to 0% at the end of the turn.
➔ New Gargoyle Heroes
  • Legendary
    • Arco
    • El Duque
    • Goseck
    • Hohenwerf (Hohenwerf will not be released in v48)
    • Gaillard (previously featured in the 2021 Black Friday Summon)
    • Peñolite (previously featured in the 2021 Black Friday Summon)
  • Epic
    • Bellerive
    • Kalø
  • Rare
    • Budatín
    • Soroca
  • ...and more to come!
➔ Gargoyle Family
  • Bonus for 1 Hero: Immune to Poison damage
  • Bonus for 2 Heroes: Immune to Poison and Fire damage
  • Bonus for 3+ Heroes: Immune to Poison, Fire, and Water damage

Tremors of Underwild
May 26, 07:00 UTC – May 30, 07:00 UTC

➔ World Energy costs reduced by 3 for all Underwild stages during the event
➔ Keep an eye out for the Underwild Bats that carry the riches of the deep!
  • Defeating these new rare enemies will reward you with valuable loot such as Underwild Coins, Emblems, Crafting Materials, Food Bundles, and Iron Bundles
  • Up to 15 Underwild Bats can be defeated per day; this cap will not reset but instead continuously stack until the end of the event (e.g., it is possible to defeat 0 Underwild Bats on the first and second days, then 45 on the third day)
  • A counter will visually indicate how many Underwild Bats are still active
➔ Consider equipping a Monster Lure that will make your romp more rewarding!
  • Increases the chance of encountering an Underwild Bat by x10
  • Increases the number of Underwild Bats defeatable per day (15 → 25)
  • Makes every Underwild Bat drop some extra Underwild Coins upon defeat
➔ Tremors of Underwild will return every 28 days as per our new event cadence
➔ Please also note that Season IV now unlocks at Season III Province 10 (previously Province 15)!

Soul Exchange
May 30, 07:00 UTC – Jun. 1, 07:00 UTC

The Soul Exchange is a recurring, limited-time event in which players may trade in a number of Legendary Heroes to obtain one specific Legendary Hero from a given pool of 15. Choose wisely — an exchange can only be made once per event!

For more information on the Soul Exchange, please refer to our FAQ entry.

Sand Empire
May 16, 07:00 UTC – Jun. 13, 07:00 UTC
  • New Costume
    • Roc

Atlantis Rises
May 30, 07:00 UTC – Jun. 1, 07:00 UTC
  • New Hero
    • Tethys

Playing for the Planet
Jun. 3, 07:00 UTC – Jun. 6, 07:00 UTC
  • Hey look, a squirrel!

Challenge Festival
Jun. 9, 07:00 UTC – Jun. 13, 07:00 UTC
  • New Costumes
    • Black Knight
    • Guardian Panther
    • Rumpelstiltskin

Solstice Summon
Coming soon
  • We're preparing a special midsummer celebration — keep an eye out for more details!

As always, these aren't the only events that will be running during Version 48. For a more comprehensive schedule of upcoming events, please refer to the Calendar of Events for May 2022 on our Community Forum.

  • Classic Legendary Hero Token
  • Classic Epic Hero Token


➔ Atlantis Family Bonus
  • Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes → Bonus for 1/2/3/4/5 Heroes
  • +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% defense → +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25% defense
➔ Gargoyle Family
  • Stoneskin (Passive) durability now corresponds to Mana Speed
    • The slower a Gargoyle is, the more instances of incoming damage their Stoneskin will nullify; this value scales incrementally (Hero is Very Fast / Fast / Average / Slow / Very Slow = Stoneskin will block 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 instances of damage)
  • Gaillard
    • Added to the Gargoyle Family (previously did not have a Family)
    • Attack: 836 → 842
    • Defense: 718 → 725
    • HP: 1444 → 1458
  • Peñolite
    • Added to the Gargoyle Family (previously did not have a Family)
    • Attack: 811 → 817
    • Defense: 741 → 747
    • HP: 1458 → 1472
The above adjustments will go live when all players have updated to Version 48.

We are also preparing some changes for Kingdom Heroes and Sand Empire Heroes! Those details will be shared sometime later this month — we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.



➔ Added a progress bar for rare enemies to Valhalla Forever
  • Not added to Atlantis Rises, as that event does not cap rare enemy spawns
➔ Adjusted the positions of certain pop-up tooltips to account for device notches
➔ Changed the Season V Hero Khafre's name to Khufu


➔ Ahhotep no longer causes battles to become unresponsive under certain conditions
➔ Fixed a rare issue in which sacrificing a Troop could "unequip" a Hero from a team they had been placed in
➔ Fixed a visual issue in which the Season V loot view backdrop was displaying for Quests
➔ Fixed a visual issue in which Sun Shangxiang's Special Skill would not leave a visible Decreasing Defense Down icon on enemies when cast in quick succession with Guardian Falcon's Special Skill
➔ Mitsuko's Special Skill no longer incorrectly blocks an allied Esme from removing Fiends