2022-04-12, 14:00 UTC: Added more schedule details to the Atlantis Rises section.
2022-04-08, 07:30 UTC: Version 47 is now fully released on both platforms.
2022-04-07, 07:45 UTC: iOS rollout is starting.
2022-04-04, 11:30 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Season V: Dynasty of Dunes

Apr. 21, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 25, 07:00 UTC

Get ready for our fifth adventure into the great unknown — this time, we're heading off to to an ancient land full of dunes and pyramids to face off against an undying threat!

★ Heroes
  • Legendary
    • El Naddaha
    • Khafre
    • Khonshu
    • Papyros
    • Sobek
  • Epic
    • Ahhotep
    • Azmia
    • Junaid
    • Ptolemy
    • Scoratek
  • Rare
    • Aqeela
    • Faiez
    • Jarif
    • Rekhetre
    • Waqas
  • ...and more to come!

★ Provinces

Start making your way through the dunes! New Provinces will be unlocked each month. Access to Season V Provinces is granted at Season IV Province 5.
  • 3 new Stage Properties
    • Kemythian City
      • All enemies have +25% mana generation
      • All enemies have -10% accuracy
      • Accuracy debuffs decrease enemies' accuracy by an additional -10%
    • Tempestuous Sandstorm
      • All Heroes receive damage every 3 turns
      • All enemies receive -50% damage from Troops (tiles)
    • The Iteru River
      • All enemies regenerate 575 boosted health over 5 turns
      • All enemies get -10% defense for 5 turns

★ Amulets

Amulets can be equipped to grant your team unique beneficial effects in Season V battles! Amulets and Amulet Slots can be unlocked by completing Season V Provinces. Up to 3 Amulets can be equipped at once.
  • 4 new Amulets
    • Ankh
      • Hero receives a +10% health boost each time they cast a Special Skill
    • Tjet
      • All Heroes receive +5% mana every 3 turns
    • Udjat Eye
      • Stack (Max. 10): All enemies get -5% attack and -5% mana generation each time a Hero casts a Special Skill
    • Was Sceptre
      • All enemies take +80% more damage from Special Skills
  • ...and more to come!

Please also note that once Season V launches, Dunes Coins will replace Underwild Coins in various sources of loot in the game.

Atlantis Rises
May 2, 07:00 UTC – May 4, 07:00 UTC
  • New Heroes (not coming in Version 47, but soon!)
    • Oceanus
    • Tethys
  • New Costumes (all available from May 2, 07:00 UTC onwards!)
    • Ameonna
    • Gadeirus
    • Inari (also available through the Hero Academy from May 2, 07:00 UTC onwards)
    • Melia
    • Mnesseus
    • Wilbur

Challenge Festival
Apr. 14, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 18, 07:00 UTC
  • New Costumes
    • Finley
    • Guardian Kong

Voyagers of the Underwild
Apr. 28, 07:00 UTC – May 2, 07:00 UTC

Do you feel those tremors?
Something is approaching us...
  • New event under construction
    • Not coming in Version 47, but drawing near — details will be shared soon!

War of the Three Kingdoms
May 23, 12:00 UTC – May 28, 12:00 UTC

We are delighted to announce the full release of the War of the Three Kingdoms! It'll take a while to peel off all the "BETA" stickers, but everything should be sparkling clean by late May.

Thank you once again for your terrific participation over the past two global betas — many millions of teams crashing into each other on such vast plains was truly a sight to behold.

★ Changes from the 2nd Global Beta
  • Rewards significantly improved (placeholder rewards removed)
  • Scoring adjusted

★ Schedule
  • Signup phase: May 23, 12:00 UTC – May 24, 12:00 UTC
  • Preparation phase: May 24, 12:00 UTC – May 25, 12:00 UTC
  • Battle phase: May 25, 12:00 UTC – May 27, 12:00 UTC
  • Rewards: May 27, 12:00 UTC
  • Summon Gate closing hour: May 28, 12:00 UTC

Starter Items
  • Limited testing of new single-use items designed for first-time players

Event Cadence Update

As always, these aren't the only events that will be running during Version 47. For a more comprehensive schedule of upcoming events, please refer to the Calendar of Events for April 2022 on our Community Forum.

  • Added a mana regeneration penalty to Absolute Resolve (Stage Property)
    • Absolute Resolve is applied in Tower events from Impossible Floor 30 onwards
    • This change prevents certain Xnolphod setups from unfairly auto-clearing Floors
  • Adjustment to Magic Hero Passives
    • OLD: 50% chance to activate on a fully charged (x2) Special Skill
    • NEW: 50% chance to activate on x1 Mana Charge, 100% chance on x2
  • Ninja Heroes now resist more Curses in the Ninja Tower
    • Ninja Heroes will now withstand up to four Curses before falling to the fifth, like how Heroes belonging to "magical" Classes resist more Curses in the Tower of Magic
  • Slayers Heroes' mana speed is now "Slayer", which is slightly faster than Slow
    • Slayers receive a +% mana generation Stack each time their Family Bonus activates
    • A small info button has been added next to the mana speed description text
  • Tower of Magic bosses' healing from Passives is now capped at 10% (previously 30%)


  • App name ("Empires ⚔") localized for certain languages
    • Applies to devices with language setting configured to Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese
  • Changed the color of Guan Yu's Special Skill animation from red to green to make it match better with his element (Nature)
  • Passive skill icons are now displayed on enemies' portraits
    • Applies to both floors (Tower Events) and stages (maps)
  • Removed unnecessary distinction in some texts (this "Hero"/"enemy" → this "character")
    • Descriptions for certain Family Bonuses, Passives, and Special Skills have been edited
  • Season IV Final Boss descriptive text now better explains how Protector Crystals work
  • Tidied up the "Special Rule" texts in Raid Tournament Modifier descriptions
  • Updated various Ghost form icons for greater clarity

  • Added missing audio to Costume Killhare's Special Skill
  • Added missing bullet point icons to certain Element Link descriptions
  • Alliance War gear icon submenu no longer links to War of the Three Kingdoms rankings view
  • Bertila now properly lifts Corrosive Burn and Corrosive Frost
  • Corrosive Poison is now properly resisted by:
    • Poseidon's "resist negative mana effects" buff
    • Zagrog's Passive
  • Elemental Barrier no longer incorrectly reflects status ailments cast by Heroes with an active Event Hero Bonus
  • Eloise no longer takes counterattack damage when removing Shu Soldier Minions
  • "[Ex-member]" now properly displays in Alliance War UI
  • Fighters in Ghost form waiting to revive no longer receive status effects from:
    • Minions
    • Morris's Special Skill
    • Lethal "tile" (Troop) damage from a Barbarian
      • As each individual "tile" deals damage separately, it is still possible for the first of several tiles to deal non-lethal damage and apply Bleed before subsequent tiles kill the target
  • Fixed a visual bug in which Kingston's -% attack status ailment icon would not be displayed on Heroes with Costume Krampus's attack buff
  • Fixed an incorrect interaction between Diaochan's Lackey Minions and the direct damage portion of Gullinbursti's Special Skill
  • Forge now correctly displays "x1" instead of nothing when the player owns exactly one copy of a craftable item
  • Hanitra's dodge buff no longer causes a visual bug when interacting with a Special Skill that deals single-target damage but has multi-target secondary effects
  • Level gains through Tomes of Experience now count for the "Level Up Your Heroes" Mission
  • Li's Hero card now has the correct background
  • Ninja boss enemies taken to low HP and made to indicate "S" (intent to cast Special Skill) will now properly proceed to cast their Special Skill regardless of whether they are healed back up
  • Skadi's mana generation decrease Stack now consistently and correctly interacts with Slayers' mana generation increase Stack
  • Three Kingdoms Coins are now properly taken into account for the number of free summons displayed on the Summon Gate icon
  • Zhuge Liang's Fiends no longer cause errors in Mythic Titan battles