Welcome to the March 2022 Balance Update!

We’re happy to share that our last balance update successfully restored Hero diversity to healthy levels without creating new imbalances. The Heroes who received direct adjustments landed in decent spots and are putting up reasonable win & usage rates in the renewed meta.

This month, we are tweaking a few Heroes from the Clash of Knights (Alliance Quest) event to bring them more in line with their peers.

Note: these adjustments would have normally been a part of our next batch of balance updates, but we have decided to push these changes to live ASAP so that players can make better-informed decisions during the Clash of Knights event that will start on Wednesday.

Wolf Family

As some players have noticed and mentioned over the past few months, Ferant is currently way too powerful for an Epic Hero. On Defense Teams, he has been outshining some of the best Legendary Heroes in the game — even at the highest tiers of play!

We’re all for seeing Epic Heroes with distinctive characteristics punch above their weight when used in the right situation, but in the case of Ferant, our metrics indicate that his baseline power grossly exceeds what is appropriate for his rarity. We won’t be taking away his amazing signature effect, but will be tuning down some of his bite.


  • Counterattack damage: 135% → 115%
  • Mana removal effect now diminishes faster with consecutive activations during the same turn

Raven Family

The Ravens have not been seeing as much action as their Wolf counterparts since their release. This is mostly down to two of the Raven Legendaries — Lewena and Rayne — not performing nearly as well as we had hoped; their dismal win rates indicate that they’re in need of some love. We hope these changes will bring them closer to their peers.


  • Mana speed: Average → Fast


  • Direct damage: 450%400%
  • Poison damage: 748 → 1300
  • Poison duration: 4 turns → 5 turns

That’s it for the March 2022 Balance Update, but we have some more balance adjustments coming your way in April as a part of Version 47 — you’ll soon be able to check them through the release notes!

As always, we will keep an eye on live metrics following this update to determine whether further adjustments will be necessary. Please refer to our Hero Balancing FAQ for why we occasionally make post-release balance adjustments, and our Beta Program FAQ for why such adjustments sometimes do not pass through beta.

If you wish to share your feedback and discuss this update with fellow players, please feel free to join the discussion here!

All changes in this update will go live at 2022-03-29, 11:00 UTC.

2022-03-29, 11:30 UTC: We are aware that the balance update has not yet been completely deployed to all players. This is due to a slight technical delay, and we will update this post when rollout is complete. Thank you for your understanding!

2022-03-29, 11:36 UTC: Changes should now be live for all players.