Thank you so much for your understanding and patience during the several technical difficulties that recently affected our game. We believe everything is now under control, but will continue to monitor the health of the servers closely.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the disruptions in play caused over the past week. We are aware that there are lingering issues that concern specific groups of players — our Player Support team is still hard at work addressing those.

Despite the hitches, however, we were thrilled at the amazing turnout for our first War of the Three Kingdoms global beta. Thank you all for participating!

As a token of our appreciation for the passionate interest and feedback, we have mashed certain buttons to randomly generate an extra Rare Quest on February 15, 09:00 UTC — it should be visible in your game now. We hope this gives a nice boost to the ongoing work on your Empire.

In March, we will be holding a second global beta for the War of the Three Kingdoms to reinspect the event's stability — a more detailed announcement will be shared once the date approaches. We hope the many under-the-hood fixes we made will enable a smoother and more enjoyable experience! Placeholder rewards will still remain in place for the second beta, as we do not want to risk anyone missing out on valuable loot due to an unforeseen issue.

Please rest assured that while we do not always have the bandwidth to respond to all the feedback we receive (especially while a technical issue is ongoing and things are on fire), we truly do read everything and try to address valid concerns as much and as quickly as we can.

Thank you once again for your continued support. Best of luck in your battles, everyone!

Best regards,
the Empires & Puzzles team