2022-01-24, 14:00 UTC: Android rollout has begun, iOS to soon follow.

2022-01-25, 10:35 UTC: iOS rollout has started

Release Notes


Soul Exchange
Feb. 28, 07:00 UTC – Mar. 2, 07:00 UTC

The Soul Exchange is a recurring, limited-time event in which players may trade in a number of Legendary Heroes to obtain one specific Legendary Hero from a given pool of 15. Choose wisely — an exchange can only be made once per event!

War of the Three Kingdoms (Global Beta)
Feb. 7, 12:00 UTC – Feb. 11, 12:00 UTC

In this new War format, participants will fight not for their own Alliance but in matchmade Warbands, each consisting of a whopping one hundred players. Here are the key details.

  • Player must be Level 20 or above to participate
  • Participants are randomly matchmade into 100-player Warbands
    • Roster strength is accounted for in matchmaking
    • Warband Chat can be accessed on the battlefield
  • Each Warband belongs to one of three Kingdoms (Shu, Wei, Wu)
  • Warbands from different Kingdoms face off in a 100v100 Skirmish
  • Skirmishes are similar to Alliance Wars:
    • Points are earned by defeating enemy Heroes
    • All Heroes can only be used once on Attack
    • Players start with 3 War Energy, and get 3 more at the halfway point
    • Warband with more points at the end of the Skirmish wins
  • Loot based on individual, Skirmish, Warband, and Kingdom performance
  • Placeholder rewards have been set for global beta purposes; this reward configuration is NOT final and will be adjusted before the official release
  • Signup phase: Feb. 7, 12:00 UTC – Feb. 8, 12:00 UTC
  • Preparation phase: Feb. 8, 12:00 UTC – Feb. 9, 12:00 UTC
  • Battle phase: Feb. 9, 12:00 UTC – Feb. 11, 12:00 UTC
  • Rewards: Feb. 11, 12:00 UTC
While testing, please remember that this global beta version is not the feature's final iteration. We will most likely make additional adjustments and tweaks based on your feedback and our learnings.

Reward Improvements

Continuing our ongoing project to improve rewards all across Empires & Puzzles, we're adding the chance for players to obtain an Epic Tome of Golden Emblems from the following sources:
  • Rare Wanted Chests
  • War Chests
  • Rare Titan Loot
  • Raid Tournament Rewards
Please note that the Epic Tome of Golden Emblems will be enabled only after all players have updated to Version 45. For more information on Tomes of Golden Emblems, please refer to the Version 44.1 Release Notes and our FAQ entry on Tomes.

Extra Daily Summon

After using your regular Daily Summon, you can now watch an ad for one additional Daily Summon!

  • Durations of undispellable and uncleansable status effects can now be refreshed
    • New casts of Element Link now refresh the duration of identical Element Link buffs previously applied by another Hero of the same Family
    • Element Link buffs that grant extra defense against a specific element are not considered identical; such effects now overlap, and will not refresh or override each other
    • Wolf and Raven Heroes can now refresh the duration of status effects modified by their Family Bonus
  • Non-Corrosive status ailments can now override Corrosive status ailments of the same name
    • Previously, Corrosive effects would override "regular" effects, but not the other way around
    • Burn/Frost/Poison will now override Corrosive Burn/Frost/Poison, and vice versa
    • Stack effects will continue to be unaffected by status effects


  • Added an in-app button that links to the FAQ entry on account deletion
  • Adjusted UI scaling for battle information tooltips
    • Better legibility when inspecting Heroes or enemies with very long descriptions
  • Clearer descriptive text for Cobalt's Special Skill and the Family Bonus mechanic
  • Improved input responsivity in all battles involving turn-based stage properties
    • Affects most Challenge Events, Mythic Titan, Ninja Tower, and Tower of Magic stages
    • Affects certain map stages
  • Item tooltips now distinguish between Wanted Missions and Rare Wanted Missions
  • Reduced room for confusion between mana generation and regeneration; certain Special Skills now use the word "receive" instead of "regenerate"
    • Heroes affected: Alberich, Ariel (Costume), Gramps, Ludwig, Toxicandra
    • This is only a text edit and does not change how these Special Skills function
    • These Special Skills do not interact with Chakkoszrot's mana generation debuff
  • Costume Bonus is now calculated into stats shown in Level Up, Ascension, and Limit Break displays
  • Crystalis's Corrosive Frost no longer overrides Skadi's Frost Stacks
  • Damage-over-time status effects cast by Lord Loki now properly deal extra damage against specific elements when applicable (e.g., Clarissa, Gravemaker)
  • Fixed a bug with Clash of Knights in which the Quest menu icon would display on the bottom left of the screen despite the player already being inside the Quest menu
  • Fixed a bug with Golden Emblems in which the game would prevent players from using one to learn a Talent, citing a lack of resources
  • Fixed a visual bug in which the Berserk icon would not disappear from An-Windr or Gullinbursti in Challenge Event battles if their Special Skill was reflected by an Elemental Barrier
  • Fixed a visual bug in which Time Stop would not immediately update enemies' turn counters
  • Lady of the Lake's Minions now properly reduce mana from targets affected by Balbar's Sleep
  • Lughaidh can no longer cast status effects on allies in Ghost form
  • Removed a misleading audio cue from the end of Eloise's Special Skill sound effect
  • Removing a Fiend by summoning a new Minion will now cleanse status ailments cast by the Fiend immediately, instead of at the end of the turn
  • Special Skill effects tied to enemy kills will now correctly trigger regardless of whether a killed Hero revives through the Fighter Talent
    • Heroes affected: Fenrir, Frank (Costume), Skadi
  • The "ATTACK TEAM" button in Alliance Wars now correctly reads "INSPECT TEAM"
  • To-be-revived Fighter Heroes are no longer valid targets for items such as Revive Scroll and Miracle Scroll
  • Tower of Magic bosses can now be properly inspected during battles
  • Trainer Troops no longer incorrectly display different level values depending on from which menu they are viewed
  • Yunan's Costume no longer looks tiny in PvP battles