Dec. 13, 08:49 AM UTC: We have now completed the rollout on both Android & iOS. Please update your game!

Release Notes


Challenge Festival
Dec. 15, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 19, 07:00 UTC

Heroes from five classic Challenge Events — Pirates of Corellia, Riddles of Wonderland, Fables of Grimforest, Guardians of Teltoc, and Knights of Avalon — are gathering for a bizarre yet entertaining mashup!

  • New stages and properties
    • 30 new stages divided into 3 difficulties
    • 5 new stage properties, each themed after an event
  • New additions to Hero Academy
    • Rare Heroes:
      • Bauchan, Guardian Bat, Pixie, Shrubbear, Vodnik
    • Epic Heroes:
      • Boomer, Captain of Diamonds, Cheshire Cat, Gretel, Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal, Hansel, Lancelot, Merlin, Peters
    • Additions will go live only after all players have updated to Version 44
  • Challenge Festival Summon
    • Includes all Heroes from the 5 featured events
    • New Costumes for Jabberwocky, Lady of the Lake, and Snow White
      • More Costumes to come in future updates!
    • New Festival Bonus Chests
    • New Challenge Festival Heroes
      • Rare: Gnomer, Guardian Lemur, Phoenicus, Sally, Treevil

Tavern of Legends
Dec. 23, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 27, 07:00 UTC

  • Summon Gate updates
    • New Costumes for Alasie, Athena, and Drake Fong
      • Also available in Hero Academy
  • Bonus Emblem Chests
    • 1 chest awarded for every 10 summons

Clash of Knights
Jan. 5, 07:00 UTC — Jan. 10, 07:00 UTC

  • Limit Break Materials now awarded more consistently for top players
    • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Aethers are now drawn separately
    • This change also applies to rewards from Alliance Wars and Raid Tournaments
  • Added World Energy Flasks to rewards at higher ranks
    • Flask rewards guaranteed for:
      • Rank 100,000 or above (Individuals)
      • Rank 10,000 or above (Alliances)
    • Reaching higher ranks will award more World Energy Flasks
  • Alliance Quest Summon
    • Adjusted Hero appearance rates
      • Rare Classic: 63.1% → 47.3%
      • Epic Classic: 20.8% → 18.5%
      • Legendary Classic: 1.5% → 1.3%
      • Rare Alliance Quest: 7.9% → 23.7%
      • Epic Alliance Quest: 5.7% → 8.0%
      • Legendary Alliance Quest: 1.0% → 1.2%
      • Bonus draw for Hero of the Month: 1.3% (no change)
    • New Raven Heroes
      • Legendary: Eloise, Lewena, Quintin, Rayne
      • Epic: Franz

These aren’t the only events that will be running during Version 44. For a comprehensive schedule of all upcoming events, please refer to the Calendar of Events for November & December 2021 193 on our Community Forum.

We are also happy to share that Clash of Knights is joining our two Tower events to form a new event cycle. Ninja Tower, Tower of Magic, and Clash of Knights are now set to rotate, in that order. This new configuration does not affect the above calendar.



  • Enemy formations in PvE stages
    • M-shaped enemy formations in PvE stages now more closely resemble M-shaped formations in Raids
    • This change will affect which tiles hit which enemies
  • Grave of Anothos Biome (Season IV)
    • All Dark Heroes regenerate 150 HP over 5 turns → 550 HP over 5 turns
    • Some stages with this Biome Effect are now more difficult
  • Magic Night Special Stage (Season II)
    • No longer affects status effects that have no duration
    • No longer affects stacks that have no duration
  • Deadly Chamber: Erratic Time (Ninja Tower, Tower of Magic)
    • No longer affects status effects that have no duration
    • No longer affects stacks that have no duration



  • Added a visual turn counter for Seshat’s Replicator Minions
  • Descriptions for HP-boosting Special Skills made more consistent and concise
  • Improved loot preview overlays for certain Quests
    • Reset Emblem now displays when available (Class Quest)
    • Epic Troop Token now displays when available (Find Recruits II)
  • Updated status effect descriptions for Mirages of Omega enemies
    • Now mentions that all enemies have innate resistance against status ailments and negative stacks


  • Alexandrine and Anzogh’s Special Skills now display the amount healed even when allies have full HP
  • Corrected interaction inconsistencies between corrosive status effects and Runic Rock-induced poison/burn effects
    • Corrosive status effects now always override non-dispellable and non-corrosive status ailments
  • Corrected animation mix-ups between enemy deaths and boss deaths
  • Director Zuri no longer heals for too much in Starfall Circus stages
  • Dr. Moreau’s Passive now properly activates even when enemy Special Skills bypass an active defensive buff he is holding
  • Emblems now properly show up on certain loot preview overlays
  • Fixed a rare issue in which allies Spirit Linked through Wilbur would still take damage from dodged attacks if the dodge buff was granted by Jade or Margaret
    • Inari and Costume Kadilen did not have this issue
  • Fixed errors caused by Muggy resurrecting an Event Hero with an Event Bonus
  • Fixed Gargoyle’s Stoneskin and Just a Flesh Wound not being bypassed unless there was another defensive buff active
  • Mirages of Omega enemies now count towards “Defeat Elite Enemies” in Path of Valor
  • Newly opened Quests now display immediately, instead of upon the next restart
  • Restored Gnome death animation
  • Sound effects now properly play when two or more identical enemies cast their Special Skills consecutively
  • Summon Gates no longer display the Legends 2021 Family Bonus as live
    • Icon has been grayed out to indicate inactivity
    • Now contains a timer indicating when it will become active
  • The small square “?” button in the Atlantis Summon Gate now properly displays and calculates Costume Bonuses
  • Uraeus no longer plays false self-heal animations when his allies’ Minions are killed by Pumpkin Bombs