EDIT 23rd July 2021 12:30 (UTC): Version 40 is now fully released on Android & iOS


  • Content for a new Challenge Event added
    • Get ready to face the Slayers of Fell Shadows in August!
    • A new Event Effect added:
      • Rage: Each time an item or a Special Skill is used, the Rage of the enemies grows. The higher the Rage, the higher their damage. As long as Rage is full, damage dealt by Heroes and Battle Items is reduced. All enemies' status ailments are also cleansed at the beginning of their turn
    • Slayer Family added:
      • Slayer Heroes have a chance to receive the following stacks at the end of each turn:
        • The Hero (Rare/Epic/Legendary) recovers 5/10/10 HP each turn
        • The Hero gets +5% mana generation
      • Slayer Heroes receive bonuses when used in the Slayers of Fell Shadows Event:
        • Stat Bonus
        • Bypass Element Shields

Other changes and fixes:

  • Fixed a visual issue where the Oni curse icon would turn white for a Hero that was killed while had the Curse timer on and was resurrected as a Draugr
  • Improved the description of the status effect: Mindless Attack
  • Improved the description of crafting missions in Path of Valor. Now they say: "Craft and collect" to better reflect mission completion criteria
  • Improved the Limit Break tutorial
  • Improved the description of all Heroes that cast stacks e.g. Mireweave and Yang Mai
  • Fixed an issue where Limit Break Quests team edit reset players preset Map & Quest teams to Team 1
  • Fixed an issue where Abyss Gems would break Suspicious Chest enemies turn counter in the Challenge Events
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian Gazelle's Dance of spirits did not trigger Mythic Titan Hades to gain stacks from the +100% Attack buff gained for allies
  • Added Raid battle results showing the team that attacked the player. The enemy attack team can be seen in the Raid Log of the Watchtower and in the Enemy Raid dialog that appears after the player logs in
  • Fixed an issue where Theobald was dealing damage to the enemy with the highest remaining HP, even though the enemy team was protected by taunt
  • Fixed an issue where the Costume portal displayed "New", although there were no new costumes
  • Fixed an issue where players who purchased last seasons Elite Valor pass could not change their avatars in the next Path of Valor season
  • Fixed an issue where fiends could be cast on Suspicious Chest enemies being in a shielded state