25 May 12:17 PM UTC: Please note that if your Raid History is empty after updating your game, it should be only temporary and restored soon.

21 May 04:51 PM UTC: We have now rolled out the update on both Android & iOS. Please update your game!


  • Content for new Challenge Event added
    • Get ready for the grand premiere of Starfall Circus in June!
    • A new Event Effect added:
      • Starfall: Deals damage to all Heroes, changes their element and prevents the use of battle items for a few turns
    • Starfall Family added:
      • Starfall Heroes have a chance to cleanse the Hero's most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn
    • Starfall Heroes receive bonuses when used in the Starfall Circus Event:
      • Stat Bonus
      • Bypass Element Shields
    • Summon Appearance Rates for Rare and Epic Classic Heroes and Trainer Heroes adjusted:
      • Rare Trainer Hero: from 5% to 10%
      • Epic Trainer Hero: from 5% to 1%
      • Rare Classic Hero: from 58.1% to 53.1%
      • Epic Classic Hero: from 15.8% to 19.8%
  • PvE enemies now show attack and defence values except for Titans, Mythic Titans and Unique Bosses
  • Added a timer to Friendly Match Energy
  • Enemy wave count is now shown in Map stages

Other changes and fixes:
  • All parts of the Special Skill that would be resisted or reflected by Elemental Reflect go through if the Special Skill bypasses. If a chain strike effect hits the same target twice, both hits will always share the same bypass status
  • Small improvements to Mythic Titan Event layouts in Arabic language
  • If a hero has an Increased Special Skill damage - passive and they do more than one hit in their special, all hits have now the additional 30% added to their power (e.g. Akkorog & Zila Lei)
  • Fixed an issue where Finley's chain would not break if he missed a hit
  • Fixed an issue where Alfrike would always fire a cube to the enemy targeted
  • Fixed an issue where Alfrike and Finley could apply status effects even if they had Malosis status effect block
  • Minions can now be damaged and killed, even if their owner is in Ghost form
  • If an enemy is in Ghost form and they are given fiends, they will no longer block ghosting tiles to gain more mana
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in Hero Academy Raid Formations view
  • Small fix to Rokkamush Special Skill description
  • Fixed an issue where Bertila didn't gain mana due to her Passive Skill
  • Fixed an issue where Quests' recommended Team Powers sometimes decrease between levels
  • Fixed an issue where Morris' mana block lasted only one turn when it should last two turns
  • Fixed a visual bug where Francine's cleanse status effect wasn't at the bottom of the battle info panel, since it's always executed last
  • Fixed an issue where Raffaele's 50% healing was partly absorbed by fiends, when it should not
  • Rare Titan Rewards are reduced if you were not a member of the Alliance at the time the Titan appeared, or if it has been less than 12 days since you received a full Rare Titan reward in a different Alliance. Previously, you needed to be a member of the Alliance 24 hours before the Rare Titan appeared
  • Fixed an issue where a player could see a Golden frame in the Avatar Shop preview