[EDIT 4] 6 Nov 2020 11:54 (UTC+0): We have now processed all of the offending accounts. 

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time investigating, discussing, and validating each moderation action. All content received through using this exploit has been removed. If the content had been already used, we have deducted the equivalent gem amount. This may have resulted in a negative gem balance. If the player is not able to get the gem count back into positive within a specified amount of time, the account will then be suspended. There are also a number of accounts that have been permanently suspended due to clear and repeated abuse of the vulnerability.

All disciplinary actions taken are based on real evidence and various aspects have been considered when processing the accounts, including past moderation history, the severity of exploits and in-game activity. Please note that no players who tested this exploit only a few times have had their accounts suspended (but the content has been removed).

It is extremely important for us to keep the game fair for the whole Community and will not tolerate any form of cheating or exploiting of bugs. For further information on what we consider cheating, please review the following support article: Remember to play fair - don’t be a cheat!

[EDIT 3] 5 Nov 2020 16:00 (UTC+0):
We are still working on some moderation actions on the remaining suspended accounts.
We will update more information here as usual. If you have sent in a support request, we will reply once your account has been processed.

[EDIT 2] 3 Nov 2020 15:40 (UTC+0):
While we do not comment on moderation decisions of individual players, abusing or exploiting an issue in the game is considered a violation of the Terms of Service (Community Rules) and has resulted in disciplinary action against the abuser’s account. 

The disciplinary actions taken have been thoroughly considered based on the seriousness of the violations. Any extra rewards have been removed from the accounts and if the resources have been spent, an equivalent gem value has been deducted.

We understand that there are rumours about this exploit going back much further, to the Santa’s Challenge event in 2019. We have carefully analyzed the data and can confirm that this exploit goes back only to the 2020 Sand Empire event. There were roughly 20 players who exploited this bug in that event. Those players have now been disciplined as well. This exploit was not used in any other Quests beyond these two Events.

[EDIT] 26 Oct 2020 14:53 (UTC+0): The issue is now resolved. Appropriate actions will be taken against abusers as soon as possible.

We are currently investigating an issue where players may be able to exploit 'Return to Morlovia' for extra rewards.

As a general warning to everybody reading this message: Please note that knowingly exploiting any bugs is against our Terms of Service, and can result in disciplinary actions. Any extra rewards will be removed from the player’s account and if the resources have been spent, an equivalent gem value will be deducted.