[EDIT 19 Oct 2020] This issue is now resolved with version 32.1

Due to a bug in our system, a very small number of players have been able to receive Ninja Troops from the Hero Academy Level 9. These troops were never intended to be trained from the Hero Academy.

We are working on implementing a fix that will prevent this from happening as soon as possible.

Please note, this issue may have caused some players to have a connection error. This can be resolved by updating to the latest version of the game (Version 32).

Ninja Troops will be available exclusively in the upcoming Ninja Troop Summon. The first Ninja Tower event starts on Wednesday, the 14th of October. You can read more about this here: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/new-event-prepare-to-face-ninja-tower/210029

Our sincere apologies for the issue and for the confusion this has caused!