As we previously announced, the Costume Chamber was put on hiatus in December to improve the feature based on our own findings and the valuable feedback you provided. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

We are happy to let you know that we are bringing the event back soon! Please read below for more details on the planned schedule and improvements.

What’s new in Costume Chamber?

  • Each Costume Summon now includes both the original Hero and the Costume!
  • There is a chance to receive the Hero of the Month Bonus Summon
  • The summons now include the bonus Ascension Material Chest.
  • With the additional value, we have aligned the Costume Summon with the Atlantis Summon. In practice, this means a reduced chance for Legendaries and improved chance for Rare and Epic Heroes. The summon price has been increased to 350 gems.
  • There are now new ways to acquire Costume Keys: On top of the Masquerade Quest, there is a chance to receive keys from the Mystic Vision, War Chests and Wanted Missions!
  • Masquerade Quest has been improved with added stages and Costume Keys!

Costume Chamber Schedule

The Costume Chamber event is scheduled to return on January 20, 2020, at 12:00 PM UTC. Please do note that this preliminary schedule is still subject to change - we’ll keep you updated! The event will last for 48 hours as previously, and it is scheduled to run monthly.

We hope you will enjoy the improved Costume Chamber! Rest assured this is just the beginning; we will be adding more to content in the future, including new Costumes!

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