Edit January 2, 2018: We have now made the adjustments to the Android in-app purchase prices.

As you may know, the prices for the in-app purchases vary between different countries and platforms. The differences are explained by currency conversion rates as well as the value added tax (VAT).

Apple automatically updates the prices of the in-app purchases on their platform. We haven't updated the prices on Android since the game was launched, even though the currency conversion rates have changed quite a bit since then, and some countries have began to apply VAT to the prices.

What this means is that the difference between the iOS and Android prices has become quite big on some markets. In the beginning of January, we will be fixing this discrepancy.

In practice, this means that for some countries the price of the in-app purchases will drop, and for others it will increase a bit. For example, the prices Canada will drop by about 8% and the prices in the US will remain the same. In Europe and Russia the prices will increase on average by about 10%.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.