In order for us to better protect our Community, we have now enabled a new automatic filtering system for the English Global Chat rooms. We are actively monitoring the system and making adjustments when needed. While the new filtering system is very advanced, it may not always work correctly e.g. on languages or words it does not recognize. Please report any issues on the Forum or by submitting a new Support request via the in-game Support button.

Currently, the new filter is in place for all English Global Chat rooms, Alliance names, and Alliance descriptions. We hope to add this system for more languages as well as the Player names very soon.

Should you encounter any inappropriate behaviour in the Global Chat rooms, you can and should still report players by using the in-game report tool. We are reviewing the reports regularly and will take appropriate action towards any violations. Each moderation action will still be reviewed by our team.

For further information on what we consider appropriate or inappropriate behaviour in-game, please review our Chat Rules & Guidelines.