We have now rolled out the update for both Android & iOS. 
Please update your game now from the App Store or Google Play! If you are unable to update, please do not delete the game as this might result in lost progress. Troubleshooting tips for the update problems here: iOS and Android.

Release Notes

  • Smaller fixes and changes
    • Bosswolf animation fixed.
    • Season III Hardmode unlocking bug fixed.
    • Niflheim, Svartalfheim, Midgard & Muspelheim realm bonus status effects have their own icons.
    • Niflheim’s blind effect won’t replace other blind status effects anymore.
    • Training camp “Collect x/y” button is now also shown inside of the training camp building also when the Hero Roster is full.
    • Special Skill Defense debuff is now calculated correctly.
    • Duplicate tiles sometimes becoming visible under a new board fixed.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the game to sometimes lag when entering battle.
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get a default troop as a regular 1-star troop.
    • Fixed a rounding issue with mana potions which resulted in a slightly smaller amount of mana gained.
    • Fixed a bug where players got stuck triggering the Challenge event story again when going back to the map from the Challenge event without entering a fight.