20 Feb 08:20 AM UTC: We have now rolled out the update for both Android & iOS. 

Please update your game now from the App Store or Google Play! If you are unable to update, please do not delete the game as this might result in lost progress. Troubleshooting tips for the update problems here: iOS and Android.

Release Notes

  • Content for upcoming Story Season III added.
    • All new Season III Map. Explore the Nine Realms of Valhalla and fight new enemies.
    • New Provinces for Season 3 unlock monthly. The first province of Valhalla opens on Feb 27th.
    • Accessing the new story map requires player to have reached province 15 of Story Season II.
    • Season III stages can be completed on two different difficulty levels.
    • All Season III stages feature Runic Rocks; these are special tiles that can’t be moved but have a special effect when matched.
    • Some Season III stages also have special rules in effect.
    • The first completion of a Season III stage, on both difficulties, awards the player with Valhalla Coins.
    • Valhalla Coins can be used for free summons in the new Valhalla Summon.
    • Valhalla Summon is available for a limited time each month.
    • Valhalla Summon includes various new Season III heroes.
    • The available Season III Legendary Heroes, as well as the available Heroes of The Month, change each month.
    • Valhalla Summon includes a Bonus Ascension Item Chest that is awarded for every 10 summons.
    • New Missions for Season III added.
  • Monthly Valhalla Summoning portal event added with the following new heroes added to the mix:
    • Legendary Heroes:
      • Sif
      • Freya
      • Fenrir
      • Heimdall
      • Ratatoskr
      • Tyr
    • Epic Heroes:
      • Mist
      • Brynhild
      • Mireweave
      • Stonecleave
      • Sumle
    • Rare Heroes:
      • Ei-Dunn
      • Nordri
      • Kvasir
      • Bjorn
      • By-Ulf
  • And many more to come…
  • New heroes have a Realm Bonus!
Smaller Fixes and Changes:
  • The amount of Loot Tickets received from War Loot and Wanted Chests has decreased slightly.
  • Counter attacker’s base damage can’t be higher than the defender’s current health.
  • Fixed war bug that gave full points after fleeing while the final enemy is getting revived.
  • Marie-Thereses zombies not reviving as original characters when killed by counterattack damage fixed.
  • Hero Power sorting now sorts based on the most powerful version of the hero; regular or costume.
  • Fixed a bug in Path of Valor Challenge that requires you to complete stages with special properties. Now you must complete the stage for it to count.
  • Added an icon in battle when allies get damage from Gazelle dying.
  • Fixed a bug where some players didn’t see advanced building missions.