Status (9 Sep): The update has been forced for Android and iOS now. We have also enabled the new Stronghold levels, Alchemy Lab and 13/14-star Titans!

Release Notes

  • Challenge Events updated.
    • All Challenge Events have 15 stages for each difficulty.
    • New rewards.
    • New Item Challenge Coin added.
      • Use 10 Challenge Coins for a free summon in the Event Summon.
  • Stronghold Levels 22 and 23 added.
    • Upgrading the Stronghold unlocks new Advanced Buildings.
      • Alchemy Lab added.
        • Items of lower rarity can be transmutated to battle, crafting, or ascension items of higher rarities.
    • New Item Alkashard added.
      • All Alchemy Lab Transmutations produce Alkashards. Combine 10,000 Alkashards to high rarity items.
  • 13- and 14-star Titans added.
  • New pins added to Avatar Shop.
  • New Alliance Banner Patterns added.
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • Fixed a bug where the amount of damage made overturns was showing wrong values in raids.
    • Challenge Event completion reward will be given even if the final stage completed after the event ended.
    • Summon Gate label changed: removed the number of available free summons and moved the FREE text above the gate.
    • Color blind mode has a setting for enabling extra symbols.
    • Testing to enable Raids across versions during releases