Friday, 2nd August: We have now fully rolled out the update for Android and iOS.

Please update your game now from the App Store or Google Play! If you are unable to update, please do not delete the game as this might result in lost progress. Troubleshooting tips for the update problems here: iOS and Android.

Release Notes:

  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • Ranvir's passive skill "Resist Poison" works also against Poison Mist.
    • Battle items can not be used on a hero who is in ghost mode.
    • Fixed a bug where Atomos was invisible in battle.
    • Fixed a bug where Hatter stole the enemies revive status effect but the enemy was able to revive.
    • Removed wooden top bar in battle from taller devices.
    • Japanese support page added.
    • Fixed bug where raid team was set to team one by default.
    • General optimisations and improvements.