Thu, 15 Nov: We have now rolled out the update for both iOS and Android. Please update your game now from the App Store or Google Play! If you are unable to update, please do not delete the game as this might result in lost progress. Troubleshooting tips for the update problems here: iOS and Android.

Release Notes

  • Content for the new Christmas Event added.
    • Prepare to face Santa’s Challenge in December!
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • Added previously featured Legendary Season 2 heroes to the Atlantis Summon pool.
    • Added enemy element icon in the enemy info tooltip.
    • Removed the word ‘additional’ from Chain Strike’s description.
    • User Experience when linking between iOS and Android enhanced.
    • Fixed counterattack damage when the defender has minions.
    • Fixed a bug where an invisible opponent stays on the battlefield after being killed when they try to heal themselves by absorbing damage after receiving counterattack damage.