Jun 10, 10:50 AM UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Solstice Summon

Jun 18, 07:00 UTC – Jun 24, 07:00 UTC

  • The mega-value Summon and offers return, this year with something secret…
  • Summon will now include Costumes!

Legends of Kalevala returns

Jul 29, 07:00 UTC – Sep 9, 07:00 UTC

  • Updated Kalevala quest with new bosses - Otso, Ukkonen, C. Ukkonen and C. Väinämöinen

Timesaver VIP Tier Revamp

These changes will go into effect once all players are on Version 68

(NEW) Premium Timesaver VIP

  • Instant ad skip for Mystic Vision (all 3 tiers)
  • Instant ad skip for Mystic Summons (both Daily and Legendary)
  • More daily rewards (9 Loot Tickets & 9 Time Skips)
  • Unlocks Fast Battle mode
  • Loot Tickets can be used in Quest Stages
  • Crystal & Onyx Pet Dragon

(Current) Premium Timesaver VIP → (NEW) Standard Timesaver VIP

  • NOTE: The new Standard Timesaver VIP is the exact same product as the current Premium Timesaver VIP. If you currently have a Premium Timesaver VIP Pass, it will be renamed, but you will continue to receive the exact same benefits:
    • Daily rewards (6 Loot Tickets & 6 Time Skips)
    • Unlocks Fast Battle mode
    • Loot Tickets can be used in Quest Stages
    • Onyx Pet Dragon

(Current) Standard Timesaver VIP → Offer discontinued

  • If you currently have a Standard Timesaver VIP Pass, its remaining duration will be transferred to the new Standard Timesaver VIP Pass.



  • Updated loot appearance rate tooltips for Hero League and Raid Tournament
  • Simplified the additional info tooltips for Wither and Growth
  • Info box implemented for Heroes that use Dance/Ballad Effects in their Special Skills
  • Legendary Troops now increase the team power value when theTroop Class bonuses are active (Troop paired with hero of matching class)
  • Updated the icon for Christine Daae’s Ballad of Passion status effect
  • VIP Passes and Seasonal Event Boosters are now shown in the “Featured” section of the Shop menu; Avatar offers are now shown in the “Gems” section


  • Fixed a visual issue on W3K costumes unstoppable Mnions passive where its icon appeared every time the costumed Hero had a Minion
  • Multiple minor grammatical edits to Special Skill descriptions for improved clarity
  • Scoria’s Special Skill animation now always appears on the target with most health
  • Fixed an issue with the Owl Family passive, which was reducing the mana gain from Special Skills more than it stated in the description
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to convert Epic Troops into Legendary Troops if the Epic Troop was assigned to a Hero League defense team regardless of whether or not the player was actively participating in the event