Dear Community,

Thanks to your reports in the past 24 hours, we discovered an issue in V66 that affected several Heroes. Some of these Heroes had received a final balance change before they were released in V65, while others had received “under the hood” changes which replaced status effects with near-equivalent ones.

While these changes had all been successfully applied in V65, due to an undetected error, they were not copied over correctly to V66. As a result, the affected Heroes unintentionally reverted to their pre-balance state. We have now identified the error and carefully reapplied all changes so the Heroes are returned to their correct state, as they were in V65.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Full details of the fixes below:


  • Fixed cleanse incorrectly activating before other effects

Khagan (Toon Costume)

  • Fixed mana generation and defense buffs being lower than intended

Kelile (Toon Costume)

  • Fixed Burn damage being lower than intended

Colen (Toon Costume)

  • Fixed Burn damage being higher than intended


  • Fixed the hero having a lower than intended maximum costume bonus
  • Fixed the Toon Costume having a higher amount of direct healing than intended

Azar (Toon Costume)

  • Fixed direct mana reduction being higher than intended