Release Notes

Rollout started: 11:10 26.02.24 
Android #2231


Goblin Village

Apr. 15, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 18, 07:00 UTC

The Garrison Guard arrive in Goblin Village and bring their own Mega Minions to battle!

New Garrison Guard Family Heroes:

  • Legendary

    • Vanya

    • Shimmerscale

  • Epic

    • Greg

  • Rare

    • William


Hero League Returns!

Starting Apr. 15

Take Two for Hero League 2024!

The issue that caused some Hero League battles to freeze and become unplayable has been resolved.




  • Added an Additional Info box with clarification text to some Special Skill descriptions.

  • Made the Fast Battle indicator more visible in battle when it is enabled.

  • Added TIkTok and Instagram links to Inbox/Social tab.

  • Modified mana steal to adjust for Heroes having different mana speeds. Mana steal now grants the same percentage of max mana as is stolen.

  • Added an info box to Nautica’s Hero card that specifies their mana generation increase does not apply to other copies of Nautica.

  • Adjusted some special skill animations (Akkorog and Galapago).



  • Fixed an issue that caused the costume tutorial to appear when in Quest view.

  • Fixed an issue with Mulgog's Special Skill audio.

  • Fixed an issue with the ability to claim chests from some specific summons on devices with narrow and tall screen resolutions (like Galaxy Z Fold3).

  • Fixed a visual scaling issue with Alchemy Lab on tablets

  • Status effects or stacks that affect mana generation now correctly only apply to mana gained from matching tiles (when attacking) or at the end of a turn (when defending).

  • Fixed an issue with the fiend/minion cloning behavior where they didn't clone correctly to wings and the center. Now the fiends/minions will fill empty familiar slots on heroes over time but will not attempt to duplicate themselves if there are no empty slots available in the targeted locations.

  • Fixed an issue where the attacks that chain "though all the enemies who are adjacent to any hit enemy" ended if one of the hit enemies was defeated by the attack. Now the attack continues past the enemy to adjacent targets as intended.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a calendar offer very close to the expiry time could prevent the purchase from being counted toward the calendar chest.

  • Belladonna’s special skill now executes in the correct order, and increased healing from fiends is included in the initial heal.

  • Troops are now displayed correctly on Riddles of Wonderland stages before and after the element change stage property.

  • Fixed some unintended situations where restrictions on Legendary Troop conversion were not properly applied.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some PoA missions to not coincide with the start of relative Events.