Release Notes

Rollout started: 13:50 26.02.24
Android #2204 


New Astral event

Mar. 7, 07:00 UTC – Mar. 9, 07:00 UTC

Visit the Astral Plane and take up the challenge of the Astral Elves!

New Astral Summon

  • When you summon a Legendary Astral Hero from the Astral Summon, you get another Legendary Astral Hero as a bonus!

New Quest

  • Level Property: Plane of the Astral Elves

    • Hero mana generation is doubled. All status effects cast by Heroes only last for 1 turn. Only applies to status effects where duration is specified. All enemies are unaffected.

    • Enemies steal 15% Mana from all Heroes every 3 turns.

New Astral Elves Heroes:

  • Legendary

    • Lemonwood

    • Moonflower

    • Dreadstar

    • Hammerclang

  • Epic

    • Lionstring

  • Rare

    • Starswift



Mar. 18, 07:00 UTC – Apr. 29, 07:00 UTC

  • Chance for Perfect 10 in summon

  • Event Booster for a battle bonus and extra stage gifts

  • New Easter Heroes:

    • Miss Ethel

    • Timothy

  • New Costumes:

    • Archie

    • Jasper


New VIP Passes 

  • [NEW] Timesaver VIP

    • Please check this FAQ article for details!

    • Daily item drops

    • New time-saving features

      • Unlocks the ability to use Loot Tickets to clear certain Quest stages

      • Unlocks Fast Battle mode

  • Improvements to the VIP Pass system

Monster Island Returns

Starting Mar. 6  

  • Monster Hordes now appear in three different sizes.

  • Damage to Minions in Monster Island has increased.

  • Monster Hordes in Monster Island now reward loot.

  • Number of Treasure Chests increased

  • Persistent damage carries over between Costumes in Monster Island

  • Minion Hordes now have a chance to drop Chest Keys as rewards

  • ...and many more smaller changes and improvements!


Hero League Makes a Comeback!

Starting Mar. 5

  • Featured Families for this global beta: Pirates, Teltoc, Avalon, Grimforest, Wonderland
  • Added resources as a reward for League battles (Iron, Food, Recruits).  The level of awards is identical to those of Global Raid battles.

  • Adjusted the number of attacks players can do in the Hero League. Maximum daily attacks vary from round to round:

    • Round 1: max. 4 per day

    • Round 2: max. 6 per day

    • Round 3: max. 8 per day 

    • Round 3: max 10 per day

  • Fleeing battles is now counted as a Defeat instead of getting 0 points.

  • Communication of Hero League Battle Bonus Points improved

  • The indicator showing the player ranking in the league and whether they are at risk of elimination has been improved.

  • Fixed the Boosted Class indicator in the Team Edit Screen

  • Added an option to prioritize heroes that gain bonuses during the Hero League when assembling the League Defense and Attack Teams. 

  • Featured Family bonuses have been revised

    • Updated stat bonuses for heroes (previously 30% for all rarities)

      • Legendary Heroes now get a 40% increase

      • Epic Heroes now get a 60% increase

      • Rare heroes now get a 100% increase

    • All Featured Family Heroes get a new passive in Hero League battles



  • Added a coin for the Pick Up Summon

  • Added a new visual effect (a blue swirl) when a Hero's mana amount is changed at the end of a turn. 



  • Fixed an issue of not being able to select the last item in the Alliance Banner carousel when creating alliances on tablets

  • Fixed an issue where a Hero's HP bar would sometimes appear full with lowered HP value in War Player Info, even though the Hero has already taken damage in a War battle

  • Fixed an issue where using Aether reset in Raid Tournament team edit would result in an endless loop of popups for Legendary Heroes

  • Fixed an issue where some hero portraits looked pixelated on iOS

  • "Resist Healing Ailment" passive now works against Nogu’s, Xiaotu's, and Aradia's Special Skill status ailment

  • Dodges from Margaret and Arfanias now correctly break cascading attacks that specify a need to hit a target (e.g. Khufu, Areax)

  • Fixed an issue with a status effect from Hansel's Special Skill (+ Gretel, Pixie, and Xandrella) where the status effect attempted to reduce the target's mana more than once per turn if it was unable to do it on the first attempt

  • Alucard's special skill description was fixed to state that it affects minions rather than fiends.

  • Fixed issue with Tametomo’s Special Skill

  • Corrected the order of effects in Relius’ Special Skill

  • Faline’s Special Skill Effect will always target an enemy with a Mana Bar. If there are multiple enemies with Mana bars, the one with the fastest Mana Speed is targeted. 

  • Fixed a bug that allowed claiming more than 5 Legendary Troop summon chests.