2023-12-15, 08:50 UTC: Version 63 is fully released on all platforms.

Release Notes

Update 2023-12-15, 13:45 UTC: Edited to show the correct final figure of additional 2500 Food per level when sacrificing troops to level up an Epic Troop

Update 2023-12-21, 15:00 UTC: Added missing information about Legends Summon and Mystic Summon. Please accept our apologies for the omission!


Legends Summon refresh

Tavern of Legends returns on Dec. 19, 07:00 UTC

  • “Choose your Featured Hero” option added
  • The Legends Summon no longer includes Legendary Classic Heroes 
  • A mystery Hero has been added to the Legends Summon!

Mystic Summon

  • Selected Event Summon Gates will now sometimes include a free Mystic Summon
  • Watch an ad for one free pull from the Event Summon
    • Limited to one Mystic Summon per Event
    • The Mystic Summon shares the same pool of Heroes as the Event Summon, but the appearance rates are different
  • Mystic Summon is also replacing the free ad summon in the Daily Summon Gate
    • One free ad summon per day, as before, but with improved rewards and chance of a bonus Trainer Hero!


Tower Event: Owl Tower

Dec. 20, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 24, 07:00 UTC

New Tower Event: Tower of Owls

  • 25 Stages Normal difficulty
  • 25 Stages Impossible difficulty

New Owl Heroes:

  • Legendary
    • Fulvia
    • Timius
    • Relius
    • Ommodus
    • Livia
  • Epic
    • Olbec
  • Rare
    • Paeia
    • Featherino
  • New offense buff: Moonrise Strike
  • New defense buff: Moonrise Ward

Season of Love

Jan. 8, 07:00 UTC – Feb. 4, 07:00 UTC

  • New Legendary Heroes
    • Kabeiroi
    • Elba
    • Eros
  • Quest refreshed with new heroes as Bosses
  • Refreshed Booster stage rewards

Perfect 10 Summon

  • Chance to do a Perfect 10 summon only in the 10x summon
  • Includes a random Seasonal Legendary hero and Bonus items
  • Can only occur once every 24 hours

Legendary Troops

This feature will go live on Jan. 2, 07:00 UTC

  • Class based 5 star troops

  • Each troop class has their own stats

  • Troop can be equipped to any hero

  • Each Troop has two preferred classes

    • Gives extra stats and a passive effect if equipped to a preferred class
    • Each troop has a unique passive effect.
  • Leveling up

    • Requires Iron
    • Milestones
      • Every 10 levels boost to bonus class stats
      • Requires Class Emblems
  • Converting Epic Troops to Legendary

    • Minimum Barracks building level for conversion to be available: lvl 10
    • Conversion requires Iron and Emblems
    • Conversion will have a cooldown: 28 days
    • Conversion will have an Epic Troop Level Requirement that goes up with number of Epic Troops converted
      • Epic Troop Level Requirement:
        • Lvl 26: 0 Epic Troops converted
        • Lvl 27: 1 Epic Troops converted
        • Lvl 28: 2 Epic Troops converted
        • lvl 29: 3 Epic Troops converted
        • lvl 30: 5 Epic Troops converted

Troop Sacrifice XP boost

This change will go live on Dec. 19, 10:00 UTC

  • All troops will now give more XP when sacrificed
  • Cheaper leveling - the food cost per sacrificed troop when leveling up an Epic Troop now increases by only 2500 per level, instead of the old figure of 5500
  • Goal is to lower the time and resources required for leveling up troops



  • Colors in Smarttongue’s special skill animation were adjusted to better fit the hero’s element.
  • Adjusted the icons for 2 passive skills for the Bard Family to better communicate their effects visually.


  • Fixed an issue with Cel’s Special Skill description.
  • Fixed an issue with Erebus’ status effect blocking new minions and dealing damage per attempted summon. The issue allowed the target to transfer the status effect away through a passive skill before the damage was dealt, which is no longer happening.
  • Fixed an issue where status effects that scale every time the Hero is hit would not carry their increased values after being redistributed
  • The icon for the critical hit chance effect was adjusted for some heroes to make it consistent across the game.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Passive skills that have “Activations left” not counting correctly.
  • Removed “Connect to Facebook” button.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an edited Raid Attack Team not being automatically selected for battle.
  • Fixed an issue with Flip’s special skill animation.
  • Fixed an issue with Poseidon’s status effect not providing resistance to new negative mana effects. Now it correctly resists effects that it previously let be applied.