Note: This update will go live Nov. 20, 12:00 (noon) UTC.

Short time no see — welcome to the 2nd November 2023 Balance Update!

Elf Minions

Santa’s Challenge is just around the corner, and in the spirit of the upcoming season, we’ve decided to make Elf Minions just a bit more beefier. This change should help many older Winter Heroes fare slightly better in the cold up north.

  • Inherited HP increased: 7% → 10%

  • List of affected Winter Heroes:

    • Legendary
      • Augustus
      • Krampus
      • Krampus (Costume)
      • Mother North
      • Mother North (Costume)
      • Mr. Pengi
      • Peppermint
      • Santa Claus
      • Santa Claus (Costume)
      • Tinsel
    • Epic
      • Buddy
      • Carol
      • Holly
    • Rare
      • Buster
      • Frosty
      • Rudolph

Toon Costumes

We’re also giving Toon Costumes a small bump up in power, as they haven’t been performing as well in battles as we had hoped they would.

Toon Passive

  • “Extra resist” chance increased: 25% → 75%

Toon Costume Bonus

  • OLD: 30% Attack/30% Defense/55% Health/5% Mana
  • NEW: 35% Attack/35% Defense/60% Health/5% Mana

Individual Toon Costume Heroes

Toon Vivica

  • Direct heal increased: 50% → 54%

Toon Sartana

  • Direct damage increased: 505% → 530%
  • Poison damage over 3 turns increased: 357 → 459

Toon Azlar

  • Direct damage increased: 305% → 355%
  • Burn damage over 3 turns increased: 384 → 462

Toon Richard

  • Direct damage increased: 515% → 565%

“Season” Coins in Loot

This one isn’t really a “balance” update, but certain sources of in-game loot will now give you Untold Tales Coins instead of Dunes Coins!

And that’s all for today! As always, we will keep a close eye on all Heroes affected by this update in case further adjustments become necessary. For why we occasionally make post-release balance adjustments, please refer to our Hero Balancing FAQ.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. Best of luck in the battles!