2023-11-10, 09:00 UTC: Version 62 is fully released on all platforms



Challenge Event: Secrets of the Opera

Nov. 30, 07:00 UTC – Dec. 4, 07:00 UTC

New Opera Heroes

  • Legendary

    • Christine Daae

    • Madame Giry

    • Richard Firmin

    • Odette (previously featured in the 2023 Summer Solstice Summon)

    • Phantom of the Opera (previously featured in the 2023 Summer Solstice Summon)

  • Epic

    • Raul

New Stage Properties

  • Swan Fiend

    • Summoned for all Heroes every 5 turns

    • Absorbs healing; disappears after absorbing 30% of its target’s health

    • Damages its target with 100% attack every turn

  • Elemental Resistance

    • Using multiple Heroes of the same element on your team will have diminishing returns. For each additional Hero of the same element after the first, the damage from that element will be reduced by -10%

Updated Family Bonus for 1/2/3+ Heroes:

  • +5%/+10%/+15% attack, defense, HP

Season V: Judgment of Dunes

Nov. 23, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 27, 07:00 UTC

  • Reduced World Energy cost for Season V stages!

  • New rare enemy: Dune Scarab

  • New Season V-specific Monster Lure

Santa’s Challenge

Dec. 1, 07:00 UTC – Jan. 1, 07:00 UTC

Santa’s Challenge returns with updates and improvements!

New Winter Heroes

  • Legendary

  • Cookie

  • Zappa

  • Ginger

  • Epic

    • Dizzy

  • Rare

    • Jolly


  • Added Featured Heroes to the Santa's Challenge Seasonal Summon

  • Added more avatars to rewards and refreshed old avatars to costumed editions

    • New avatars: Buster, Jolly, Holly, Dizzy, Mr. Pengi

    • Updated avatars: Mother North, Santa Claus, Krampus

  • Some stages have new bosses (the overall difficulty of stages remain unchanged)



  • Improved text description of “Elemental Resistance” stage property for greater clarity

  • Mentions of death in Special Skills and Family Bonuses changed to "being defeated"

    • OLD: "when an enemy dies"

    • NEW: "when an enemy is defeated"

  • Changes made to the Troop level up logic:

    • Troops assigned to a Hero League Defense Team cannot be sacrificed

    • Troops assigned to an Alliance War Defense Team cannot be sacrificed while an Alliance War is ongoing

  • Added text clarifying new account switching process on Android

  • Updated social media icons and names under the "Social" tab in the Options Menu


  • Fixed a visual issue with Yang Mai in which the animation appeared to hit allies

  • Fixed broken description text under [Raids] → [League] → [Rules] → [Rewards]

  • Fixed an issue where players’ personal Trophies were not displayed in Leaderboards

  • Clarified Congalach's Special Skill description

  • Increased Food cost font size in the Troop leveling screen in the Barracks

  • Fixed an incorrect text confirmation when buying VIP Pass for the first time

  • Fixed an issue with Telonius' status effect providing immunity against ailment damage — effect no longer incorrectly negates damage dealt from buffs on the opposing team

  • Fixed a text issue with missing percentage values in the Masked Gods Family Bonus

  • Fixed an error that would occur when an Energy Flask is used at the moment Energy becomes full

  • Fixed a sound issue with Frond's Special Skill

  • Fixed an issue with the placement of enemy speech bubbles in the Untold Tales final boss fight

  • Fixed an issue where Heroes in the Hero League Defense Team could be sacrificed in the leveling up process

  • Fixed an issue where Wither and Growth were incorrectly altering description text for damage-over-time effects

  • Fixed an issue where Lu Bu's Minions did not apply their status ailment to their owners when memorized and summoned by Enigmo

  • The Hero League crown indicator now shows on the Raids icon only when a player has daily attacks remaining

  • Hero League battles now correctly count toward progress in "Defeat [Hero Class] enemies" Path of Giants Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where the Hero League Class Bonus icon would not display in the “Edit Team” view on Heroes that were not fully ascended

  • Added missing sounds/animations for some of the following Heroes' Costumes: Prisca, Garjammal, Belith, Boril

  • Fixed an issue where the Journey Family Bonus extended the duration of some status effects that were cast on them, instead of only those cast by them