2023-10-09, 08:50 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.


Release Notes


Hero League (Global Beta)

Kickoff: Oct. 17, 07:00 UTC

An all-new competitive format in which players Raid for glory and survival in a monthlong League!

  • Each League runs for 4 rounds

  • At the end of each round, the bottom 25% scorers are eliminated

  • Battle other players and accumulate points to reach the final round!

  • NOTE: Not connected to Raid Arena or Raid Tournaments

Special Event Bonuses

  • Featured Families

    • +30% increase to all stats

    • Featured Families are designated at the start of a League and do not change between rounds

  • Featured Classes

    • +10% increase to all stats

    • Featured Classes change each round

Regular Schedule

  • Registration Phase (7 days)

    • Register for the League and prepare your Defense Team!

  • Battle Phase (each league has 4 rounds; each round runs for 6 days)

    • Earn points by conducting attacks

      • Maximum of 10 attacks per day

      • Points are affected by a number of factors, such as whether you won, how many enemy Heroes you managed to defeat, and how well you matched shields during the battle

      • Each opponent features a Difficulty Bonus that is calculated by comparing the performance of their Defense Team to your performance in previous attacks

      • Fleeing a battle before it is over will result in 0 points

    • At the end of each day, players receive Defense Points based on their Defense Team's performance

  • Cooldown Phase (occurs between rounds and lasts for 1 day)

    • All players are unable to battle during this Phase

    • The bottom 25% scorers from the previous round are eliminated

    • Eliminated players cannot play in the next round


  • Loot is received when you are eliminated OR after the final round ends

    • Rounds-based loot is determined by your last Round reached

    • Ranking-based loot is determined by your final rank (which is determined by your final score)

    • As in other events, players receive only the rewards from the highest loot tier they belong to

  • PLEASE NOTE: The rewards set for this October's Hero League are placeholders for testing. They may change after Hero League exits global beta and is "officially" launched.


Alliance Quest: Clash of Knights

Oct. 18, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 23, 07:00 UTC

New boss waves and rewards

  • New Heroes as bosses

  • New boss wave combinations consisting of older Heroes

  • New rank-based avatar rewards featuring new Bear and Stag Heroes

New Bear Family Heroes

  • Legendary

    • Torben

    • Teddy

  • Epic

    • Koda

  • Family Bonus for 1/2/3+ Heroes

    • All received defense status ailments will be replaced by a +40%/+60%/+70% defense buff for 3 turns

New Stag Family Heroes

  • Legendary

    • Xiamara

    • Lysanor

  • Rare

    • Fawn

  • Family Bonus for 1/2/3+ Heroes

    • All received attack status ailments will be replaced by a +40%/+60%/+70% attack buff for 3 turns

New Passive for Bear and Stag Family Heroes:

  • This character recovers 5% health when they receive a buff or a positive stack


Black Friday Summon

Nov. 21, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 27, 07:00 UTC

The Black Friday Summon is back — welcome to the biggest Summon Gate in Empires & Puzzles!

Special Black Friday Summon Bonus Chest:

  • Significantly improved chance to receive useful Aethers, Emblems, high-level Ascension Items, Trainer Heroes, and Food Bundles

This year's Black Friday Summon does NOT contain:

  • Classic Heroes

  • Costumes

  • Myztero

  • Enigmo

This year's Black Friday Summon DOES contain Heroes from:

  • ALL past Challenge Events

  • ALL past Heroes of the Month

  • ALL past Seasonal Events

  • ALL past Tower Events

  • Untold Tales, Dunes, Underwild, Valhalla, Atlantis

  • Alliance Quest, Contest of Elements, Covenant of Champions, Goblin Village, Tavern of Legends, War of the Three Kingdoms

  • ...and more! (see below)


The 2023 Black Friday Summon will also introduce 2 new Heroes to the game:

New Astral Elves Heroes

  • Legendary

    • Starwalker

    • Sparklight


Toon Costumes for Classic Heroes

Oct. 30, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 1, 07:00 UTC

New Passive: Toon

  • 50% extra chance to resist status ailments

  • 50% extra chance to resist mana reductions

  • 50% extra chance to resist buff dispels

    • Extra chances are calculated independently of other similar checks

  • 50% less damage received from Troops at an elemental advantage

x3 Costume Bonus for Legendary Heroes:

  • +35% Attack / +35% Defense / + 65% Health / +5% mana




  • Dance effects (used by Phantom of the Opera, Guardian Gazelle, Odette) can now refresh their own duration or replace another Dance effect

  • Dispel block and cleanse block status effects now also prevent reallocation (e.g. stealing & transferring) of buffs and ailments respectively. This includes the status effects themselves

  • The Spell Slayer status effect (Hansel and Gretel) can now be resisted by Passives that resist mana reduction




  • Rare Quests and Mirages of Omega quests will now start on Wednesdays according to a fixed schedule — see here for more information

    • This change will go into effect some time after Version 61 rollout is completed

  • Added unique status icons for burn damage ailments that recover either health or boosted health

  • Using the magnifying glass to inspect a Monster Horde will now tell you how much Energy it costs to attack (Monster Island)

  • Values and descriptions of Talent nodes now update when a classic Hero's Superior Talent is unlocked. The Superior Talent that is below the Talent Tree now clarifies that it is an example node and is not included in the full effect

  • Troops can now be sorted by power in Barracks

  • Added a dedicated quest team slot for the Goblin Village event

  • Performance improvements in the Museum — loading and scrolling Heroes is now faster and smoother



  • Fixed a rare issue in Monster Island that resulted in a conflict when two players attacked a Minion Horde at the same time

  • Fixed a recently-introduced text error in Costume Kvasir's Special Skill description — final line now again correctly states "The target is immune to new status effect buffs for 2 turns"

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Aether Power "Defense Up" to not be dispelled correctly

  • Phantom of the Opera's Ballad of Obsession effect is now removed immediately after the caster dies, instead of at the end of the turn

  • Fixed an issue where costumed Guardian Gazelle's Dance would not get removed from allies if the Gazelle was killed by damage from resisted healing due to Xiaotu's status ailment