2023-09-13, 13:40 UTC: Edited list of Legendary Goblins to be released with the event's launch.
2023-09-05, 13:30 UTC
: Edited schedule details for Hero League global beta.
2023-09-04, 11:20 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.


Release Notes


Goblin Village

Sep. 18, 07:00 UTC – Sep. 21, 07:00 UTC

New Goblin Summon

  • When you summon a Legendary Goblin from the Goblin Summon, you get another Legendary Goblin as a bonus!

New Goblin Heroes

  • Legendary

    • Deadboot

    • Darkfeather

    • Kettle

    • Smarttongue

  • Epic

    • Goldie

  • Rare

    • Boots

  • Family Bonus for 1/2/3+ Heroes:

    • Each time this Hero takes damage from an enemy’s Special Skill, removes 30%/60%/100% boosted health from all enemies

  • Passive:

    • 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% chance (based on Mana Speed) to perform the following actions when this character casts their Special Skill:

      • Deal 70% damage to all enemies

      • All enemies get -25% accuracy for 3 turns

New mechanic: Wither & Growth

  • Wither: Lowers defense and/or attack for the duration of the battle

  • Growth: Increases defense and/or attack for the duration of the battle

  • Re-applications of Wither/Growth can further modify Ability Scores, up to a limit

    • Ability Scores can be increased to a maximum of {}% of their original value

    • Ability Scores can’t be reduced to lower than {}% of their original value

  • Modified Ability Scores cannot be dispelled or cleansed

  • Modified Ability Scores remain even after the caster is defeated

  • Regular buffs and debuffs are applied to modified Ability Scores

New mechanic: Mega Minion

  • A Hero can only have one Mega Minion at a time

  • All existing Minions and Fiends are replaced when a Mega Minion is summoned

  • Mega Minions cannot be replaced by Minion or Fiend summons

  • Mega Minions are not affected by effects that destroy or otherwise affect Minions


Hero League (Global Beta)

Sep. 19, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 23, 07:00 UTC (EDIT: Postponed for now — new start date TBA)

An all-new competitive format in which players Raid for glory and survival in a monthlong League!

  • Each League runs for 4 rounds

  • At the end of each round, the bottom 25% scorers are eliminated

  • Battle other players and accumulate points to reach the final round!

  • NOTE: Not connected to Raid Arena or Raid Tournaments

Special Event Bonuses

  • Featured Families

    • +30% increase to all stats

    • Featured Families are designated at the start of a League and do not change between rounds

  • Featured Classes

    • +10% increase to all stats

    • Featured Classes change each round

Regular Schedule

  • Registration Phase (7 days)

    • Register for the League and prepare your Defense Team!

  • Battle Phase (each league has 4 rounds; each round runs for 6 days)

    • Earn points by conducting attacks

      • Maximum of 10 attacks per day

      • Points are affected by a number of factors, such as whether you won, how many enemy Heroes you managed to defeat, and how well you matched shields during the battle

      • Each opponent features a Difficulty Bonus that is calculated by comparing the performance of their Defense Team to your performance in previous attacks

      • Fleeing a battle before it is over will result in 0 points

    • At the end of each day, players receive Defense Points based on their Defense Team's performance

  • Cooldown Phase (occurs between rounds and lasts for 1 day)

    • All players are unable to battle during this Phase

    • The bottom 25% scorers from the previous round are eliminated

    • Eliminated players cannot play in the next round


  • Loot is received when you are eliminated OR after the final round ends

    • Rounds-based loot is determined by your last Round reached

    • Ranking-based loot is determined by your final rank (which is determined by your final score)

    • As in other events, players receive only the rewards from the highest loot tier they belong to

  • PLEASE NOTE: The rewards set for this September's Hero League are placeholders for testing. They may change after Hero League exits global beta and is "officially" launched.


Return to Morlovia

Sep. 25, 07:00 UTC – Nov. 6, 07:00 UTC

  • New Legendary Heroes

    • Amber

    • Edwin

    • Lucinda


Untold Tales: Chapter V

Sep. 27, 07:00 UTC – Oct. 1, 07:00 UTC

  • New stages, new stories, new Heroes!

  • Please note: Some boss enemies in Chapter V may use placeholder animations until they are released as obtainable Heroes



  • Counterattack no longer interacts with "friendly fire" damage dealt by an allied character (e.g., Mok-Arr)

  • "Dodge Special Skills that deal damage" effects, when activated, now dodge ALL effects from the incoming Special Skill

    • Previously, any effects applied before the Special Skill's first attempt at inflicting damage would not be dodged

  • The Cleanse Block status ailment can no longer be cleansed

    • Previously, when cleanse was performed on a character inflicted with Cleanse Block, other status ailments would not be cleansed but the Cleanse Block effect itself would be cleansed




  • Testing a doubly powerful version of Mystic Tower

    • Every 2 hours, you can watch 1 Mystic Vision → 2 Mystic Visions

    • This change applies as soon as you update to Version 60

    • Drop rates from Mystic Vision have not been modified

    • Please note that this is a test run and details may change in the future

  • Improved the following texts for clarity:

    • Description text for Cleanse Block

    • Description text for Dispel Protection

    • Description text for Special Skills that damage "a random different enemy"

  • Added rewards to Horde battles (Monster Island)

  • Added Trainer Hero element & rarity details to Aether Summon previews

  • Mok-Arr's Special Skill animation is now played on both sides!

  • Stage/Floor Rewards screens in Challenge Events and Tower Events now display the usual warning message ("FULL") when you have max Recruits



  • Fixed the following audio/visual issues:

    • Alliance Quest becoming viewable (not playable) for some prior to event kickoff

    • Challenge Event overlapping with and obscuring other quests on the quest map

    • Costume Guinevere missing Special Skill animation and sound

    • Bleed damage inflicted by Wound (Barbarian Talent) being shown as '0' instead of '1' under certain circumstances

    • Essentials Delivery Pass opening up in the wrong location in the base

    • Extra max HP reduction against targets with boosted health not being displayed

      • Note: Only a visual issue — the effect itself has been functioning as intended, with extra max HP reduction values being correctly applied

    • Flat damage values displayed in battle preview UI sometimes being incorrect

    • [i] dialog box slightly mispositioning when opened for the first time after startup

    • Thunderclap's art obstructing view of the [x] button in Limit Break View

  • Fixed the following unintended gameplay issues:

    • Apex Monsters sometimes failing to immediately appear upon battle start

    • Certain Minions and Fiends could steal "parts" of Odette's Dance of the Swan

    • Contest of Elements: Holy using different number values for Elemental Chaos

    • Enemies killed via Power Gem match damage not "properly" dying immediately and still being hit by Troops during that turn

    • Defenders/Nightmares of Atlantis Family Bonus could be calculated incorrectly when teamed with more than one "regular" Atlantis Family Hero

    • Heroes killed via an allied Hero removing an enemy Erlang Shen's status ailment could sometimes incorrectly "revive" if the Special Skill that removed the ailment proceeded to heal or boost a sufficiently large amount of health

    • Heroes killed via an allied Odette removing an enemy Erlang Shen's status ailment could, even in death, fire Dance of the Swan's "damage random enemy upon subsequent allied Special Skill cast" effect

    • Jana's second hit not benefitting from the defense debuff applied in the first hit on occasions where her Special Skill strikes the same enemy twice

    • Kalø not gaining any mana from copy-casting Xnolphod's Special Skill

    • Kalø's Passive activating in the middle of, instead of after, his Special Skill

    • Killing an enemy Hero with the damage dealt by Green Knight's resurrection could send them into Ghost form for a turn before they died

    • Mystic Titan Ifrit sometimes being able to block two Battle Items for a turn

    • Odette and Phantom of the Opera's "remove existing status effects" function failing to activate "if this effect is removed" effects cast by Tremor

    • Rare Enemies being able to shield themselves while in Abyss Ghost form

    • Special Enemies not properly spawning in Certain quest/event levels

    • Taunt cast by a Fighter could remain active during Revive-induced Ghost form

    • The turn counter for Deep Underwater (Untold Tales level property) sometimes displaying a negative number

    • Using an Aether Reset Token on a Hero under certain conditions could lock them out from reaching max Costume Bonus

      • Note: Affected Heroes' Costume Bonus values will be corrected soon

  • Fixed a rare technical issue that could cause a connection error in Raids

  • Friendly Raid Battles no longer affect Raid-related statistics in Player Profiles