Dear Community,

We have some great news: Next Monday (July 31st), we’re going to make some significant improvements to the Paths of Adventure! Here are the details you need to know:

1. Better rewards for both Path of Valor AND Path of Giants

In the Path of Valor, some of the less exciting Premium Rewards will be replaced with ones that are a lot more valuable. With a Valor Pass, you’ll be soon able to earn brand-new goodies like Super Elemental Coins, Untold Tales Coins, and even an Alpha Aether!

In the Path of Giants, both Normal and Premium Rewards will be substantially increased — progressing through the next Path should feel more rewarding and satisfying than before. In particular, we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at how many more Aether Crystals can be earned by reaching Milestones 2 and 28.

2. More points earned from Path of Giants Daily Missions (90 → 100)

Not much to explain here as this is a pretty straightforward change; progressing through the Path of Giants will become slightly easier!

3. “Annoying” Path of Giants Daily Missions either toned down or removed entirely

With the Path of Giants, we had hoped to introduce to the game new types of missions that even our more veteran players would find sufficiently engaging and challenging. In that regard, we believe that the Path has been overall quite successful! However, we could also see that certain missions were just a bit too difficult or frustrating to clear.

To address this, we have reviewed our list of Path of Giants Daily Missions and made a number of changes. Your next journey through the Path of Giants should be a lot more fun!

That’s it for today — thank you as always for your interest and support. Best of luck in the battles, and make sure to check out the new Paths of Adventure next Monday!