2023-04-24, 12:00 UTC: The Covenant Quest should be live now for all players. Please try restarting the app if you cannot see the quest in your game or are seeing an incorrect remaining duration timer. The Quest will end at 2023-04-27, 11:00 UTC. Thank you for your patience. Best of luck in the quest stages!

2023-04-24, 11:00 UTC: Unfortunately, we are still experiencing technical issues with the quest and it will not start at 11:00 UTC as planned. We will continue investigating and update this post again once we learn more. We apologize for the inconvenince.

2023-04-24, 10:20 UTC: While rescheduling the quest, a timing issue caused the event creation to fail. This caused players to get the pop-up about the Covenant Quest, but unfortunately, the event was not visible on the Quest Map. We have now rescheduled the quest again. The quest will run from 2023-04-24, 11:00 UTC – 2023-04-27, 11:00 UTC. Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience!

2023-04-24, 08:15 UTC
: This month's Covenant Quest did not start on schedule (2023-04-24, 07:00 UTC) due to a technical issue. We have fixed the issue and have rescheduled the quest to start and end two hours later (2023-04-24, 09:00 UTC – 2023-04-27, 09:00 UTC).

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!