2023-04-17, 07:20 UTC: Now fully available on both platforms. Please update your game!

2023-04-17, 09:30 UTC: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Tower of Magic
May 3, 07:00 UTC – May 8, 07:00 UTC
  • Newly renovated Tower!
    • New Magic Hero boss enemies added to certain Floors
    • Floor difficulty levels have been rebalanced accordingly
  • New Magic Heroes
    • Legendary
      • Camilla
      • Willow
      • Ray
      • Telonius
    • Epic
      • Lucy
    • Rare
      • Roxia
Contest of Elements: Dark
May 22, 07:00 UTC – May 25, 07:00 UTC
  • Contest of Elements: Dark
    • 10 stages
    • Only Dark Heroes can be used
    • Hero Roster Mastery
      • Non-Super Elemental Heroes can be used up to 2 times in the event
        • Costumes are not considered separate Heroes and will share this upper limit with their "base" Hero
      • Super Elemental Heroes can be used up to 5 times
    • Battle Item capacity is doubled
    • Unique rules for this event:
      • All shields on the board — regardless of element — will release Dark Troops when matched
      • Matching non-Dark Shields:
        • Gives some amount of mana to all of your Heroes
      • Matching Dark Shields:
        • Gives twice as much mana compared to non-Dark shields
        • Always releases "Strong" attacks (= as if there's an elemental advantage)
        • Charges up Elemental Chaos
      • Elemental Chaos
        • Turns random non-Dark shields into Dark shields
        • Matches made as a result of Elemental Chaos do not charge Elemental Chaos
  • Super Elemental Summon: Dark
    • All Dark Heroes older than 180 days are obtainable from this Super Elemental Summon. (180-day restriction does not apply to new Contest of Elements Heroes.)
    • New Super Elemental Heroes:
      • Legendary
        • Aconia
        • Griffex
    • Bonus Trainer Heroes
      • Making 5 Super Elemental Summons grants you 2 Bonus Trainer Hero draws
    • Super Elemental Bonus Chest: Dark

  • Anastasia, Cristóbal, and Dölgöön's Passive has been reworked
    • When this character casts their Special Skill, they have a 50% chance to give -20% attack → -25% mana generation for 3 turns to all enemies. If the Special Skill is fully charged, the chance is 100%.
    • This change will go live once all players are on Version 57

  • Improved description text for the following:
    • Battle Info text for Furdinand and Hawthorne's reflect buff
    • Damage-over-time effects in which the caster absorbs N% of dealt damage
    • Seshat's Replicator Minion's cloning effect
  • Featured Heroes have been added and appearance rates have been accordingly adjusted for the Tower of Magic Summon and Mighty Pets Summon
  • "Masquerade Family" renamed to "Masked God Family" to reduce potential for confusion
  • Removed the "yellow swirl" status effect animation to reduce visual clutter
    • This had been played whenever a Minion refreshed or replaced a status effect

  • IMPORTANT: The Jungle Hunter Family Bonus issue has been fixed
    • The original Family Bonus will be restored once all players are on Version 57
  • Addressed the following visual issues:
    • Battle Info panel not showing for Season V Heroes resurrected by the Djed Amulet
    • Bullet point displacement in Arabic tooltips
    • Bogart not disappearing visually from the battlefield despite having been killed
    • Elemental Summon popup sometimes showing up even when the Gate is unavailable
    • "Ghost" visuals not showing when Abyss Ghost DoT kills a Fighter and triggers revive
    • "Ghost" visuals sometimes persisting even after a Hero has exited Abyss Ghost form
    • Incorrect line breaks in certain Chinese and Japanese Special Skill descriptions
    • Lu Bu's buff-blocker status ailment using a slightly misleading icon
    • Masking issue when scrolling the Museum's Hero Collection
    • Stats previews in Troop Summon carousels jutting out of the frame in certain languages
    • Tooltip of the topmost Barbarian Talent Node not fitting on screen
    • Vine graphics on Monster Hunter Hero cards partially obscuring the Talent Grid button
  • Addressed the following corner-case issues:
    • Ailment reflection interacting incorrectly with certain damage-over-time ailments that stack or grow in power with each passing turn
    • Contest of Elements battles crashing under very specific circumstances
    • Costume Mok-Arr's Special Skill sometimes incorrectly buffing non-Dark characters
    • Costumes becoming "unequippable" on a given Hero under very specific circumstances
    • Elemental Chaos counter sometimes not properly resetting to 0
    • Season V final boss battle awarding 0 Food if the last wave is cleared with a Special Skill
    • Shen Amulet not functioning properly against Ahmose under certain circumstances
    • Superior Manashield occasionally failing to reflect an effect that has been resisted
  • Alfheim Realm Bonus now only activates once per turn per character
  • Contest of Elements: Fire boss enemies now correctly create Power Gems
  • Heroes no longer dodge Mindless Heal as if it were a negative effect
  • Malin's Special Skill now properly deals extra damage against Dark enemies