2022-01-17, 15:00 UTC: We have been aware of the various issues that surfaced yesterday when this month's Valhalla Summon went live, and would like to offer you updates on each.

  • Live change to Costume Frigg

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused due to the wrong version of Costume Frigg being displayed at the start of the event.

Our intent was to release Costume Frigg as she is now (damage to all enemies + defense down) right from the get-go. Due to a technical issue, however, when she made her live server debut yesterday morning, she was still in her old, beta-version form (damage to target and nearby + attack down) — the post-beta, pre-release changes we had made had not gone through. This was an error, and we fixed it in less than half an hour after the event went live.

We are aware that some players believe that the new version of Costume Frigg is worse than the old version and/or the base Hero. However, our pre-release changes were strictly intended to be a buff, and based on our internal testing data, we strongly believe that her new version is clearly the better of the two.

We do understand that our changes may look or feel like a nerf; we've spent a lot of time gauging community sentiment yesterday, and we can totally see where those arguments are coming from. Nevertheless, we are quite certain that over time, most players will come to see how strong the current version of Costume Frigg is and why it is better than the old one.

That being said, we are aware that our internal simulation tools are not perfect, and we promise to keep an extra-close eye on how Costume Frigg performs in the coming weeks. If she does not perform as well as we expected and intended, we will look into addressing it with a balance update. If you have obtained Costume Frigg, please rest assured that you have made a powerful addition to your arsenal.

  • Live change to featured Heroes list

When we fixed the aforementioned error with Costume Frigg, the third featured Hero in this month's Valhalla Summon was also corrected from Tyr to Norns. (Norns was scheduled to be in this month's featured Heroes list; Tyr being featured was not intended.)

Once again, our apologies for the repeated issues with featured Heroes in recent Summon Gates — and our warmest, sincerest thanks for your continued patience and understanding during this time. We are currently putting together a thank-you package to express our appreciation and gratitude. It should make its way to your in-game Inbox sometime today.

  • Visual issues & crash bug

Assets were missing for the Valhalla Summon banner art and the icon for the status ailment inflicted by Costume Frigg's Special Skill. There was also an issue with Costume Frigg's Special Skill that could cause the app to crash. We released a patch yesterday that addresses both of these issues — if your game hasn't been updated yet, please head to the App Store or Play Store and do so manually.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. We promise to do better!