2022-07-20, 08:30 UTC:

Due to a technical issue on July 19, matchmaking for the War of the Three Kingdoms event suffered a delay and started several hours behind schedule. As a result, this month's Three Kingdoms War will NOT start and end at 07:00 UTC sharp (as originally planned), but rather at a certain time roughly around 15:00 UTC.

To know precisely when your Warband's Skirmish will start and end, please check the countdown timer next to the Three Kingdoms War icon in your 'EVENTS/Quests' map.

Please also note the following:
  • Unlike previous Three Kingdoms Wars, this War will not start and end at exactly the same time for all players, as start and end times for the event will slightly differ between different Skirmishes. Of course, players placed in the same Skirmish will still see the exact same start and end times.
  • War Phase will last 48 hours as usual, regardless of when your Skirmish started.
  • Rewards will also be calculated and awarded as usual, regardless of when your Skirmish started.
  • The "aftermath" display (event results view) and Three Kingdoms Summon Gate will close according to the original schedule, at 2022-07-22, 07:00 UTC.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding. Best of luck in your Skirmish!