Shortly after finishing the in-game tutorial, new players will be faced with the Starter Quest. The goal of the Starter Quest is to finish all levels and get a high Master Score. The higher the Master Score ranks on the leaderboard, the better the loot!

While completion of the Starter Quest is optional, we highly recommend that new players complete this quest to get a feel for the mechanics of Challenge Events. Useful materials rewarded as loot from the completion of the Starter Quest will aid you in your early game journey.

Overall, the Starter Quest will take 60 World Energy to complete. Players will need to complete the first Tier (Rare) before they are able to proceed to the second Tier (Epic). Please note that levels cannot be replayed.

A unique set of ‘Guest Heroes’ will accompany you on your journey throughout the Starter Quest only. They cannot be used outside of the Starter Quest and they will no longer be available once the Starter Quest is completed.

Guest Heroes can be received as a permanent addition to your Hero Roster from the Summon Gates or Training Camps.

To see more information about the Starter Quest, please tap on the ‘?’ on the right-hand side of the Starter Quest screen.