Are you ready to venture down again into the Underwild — this time in search of treasure?


  • World Energy costs reduced by 3 for all Underwild stages during the event
  • Keep an eye out for the Underwild Bats that carry the riches of the deep!
    • These new rare enemies drop valuable loot such as Underwild Coins, Emblems, Crafting Materials, Food Bundles, and Iron Bundles
    • Up to 15 Underwild Bats can be defeated per day; this cap will not reset but instead continuously stack until the end of the event (e.g., it is possible to defeat 0 Underwild Bats on the first and second days, then 45 on the third day)
    • A counter will visually indicate how many Underwild Bats are still active
  • Consider equipping a Monster Lure that will make your romp more rewarding!
    • Increases the chance of encountering an Underwild Bat by x10
    • Increases the number of Underwild Bats defeatable per day (15 → 25)
    • Makes every Underwild Bat drop some extra Underwild Coins upon defeat
    • Please refer to our FAQ entry for more information


  • The first tremor will begin on May 26, 07:00 UTC and last until May 30, 07:00 UTC

Tremors of Underwild is set to return every 28 days as per our new event cadence.