The Monster Lure can be purchased to activate valuable bonuses during the Tremors of Underwild event!

  • Effects
    • Increases the chance of encountering an Underwild Bat by x10
    • Increases the number of Underwild Bats defeatable per day (15 → 25)
    • Makes every Underwild Bat drop some extra Underwild Coins upon defeat
  • Duration
    • The Monster Lure automatically and immediately activates upon purchase
    • All effects last until the end of the ongoing Tremors of Underwild event

Can I get multiple Lures for even more bonuses?

→ Only one Lure can be bought during an event. Only one Lure can be active at a time.

Is it possible to "earn" a Monster Lure from within the game?

→ As of now, Lures are not obtainable from in-game loot. They can only be purchased.

How many Underwild Bats will I be able to defeat if I decide to get the Lure later on in the event, instead of on the first day?

→ All "unclaimed" bonuses from previous days will be provided upon acquiring the Lure — for instance, even if you only get the Lure on the fourth and final day of the event, you will be able to hunt up to 100 Underwild Bats (25 for each day) until the event ends. Nevertheless, when investing in a Lure, please make sure to check whether enough time remains for you to make the best use of it. Not having used a Lure to its full capacity is not valid grounds for a refund.