Seasonal Event Heroes have a chance to be obtained during Seasonal Events through the Seasonal Summon Gate, which replaces the Epic Hero Summon Gate for the duration of the event. Epic Hero Tokens can be used to make free Epic Hero Summons.

There are four annual Seasonal Events in Empires & Puzzles:
  • Springvale (Spring)
  • Sand Empire (Summer)
  • Return to Morlovia (Autumn)
  • Santa's Challenge (Winter)
These events' starting dates and event durations vary from year to year. For precise information, please check the official monthly event calendars we publish on our Community Forum.

Please note that Seasonal Summon Gates can also summon Classic Heroes. You can always check the exact probabilities by tapping the blue circle icon with an "(i)" in the top left corner.

  • Information on other kinds of Heroes can be found here.