As you may know, prices for in-app purchases vary between countries and platforms. This is due to differences in currency conversion rates and value-added tax (VAT) rates.

Apple automatically updates prices for iOS in-app purchases to reflect changes in currency conversion rates. Google does not do this, however, so our Android in-app purchase prices have not changed since March 2020. This led to some regions' players being unfairly subject to an increasingly significant difference in prices between iOS and Android.

The discrepancy will be corrected tomorrow (2022-03-03). In practice, this means that prices of in-app purchases will increase for some countries and decrease for others. Please note that the change may be significant for currencies whose value has sharply dipped or soared since our last update (2020-03-04).

We understand that such changes may be alarming, but please consider that iOS users in your region have made in-app purchases according to these prices for quite some time. Thank you for your understanding! We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will look to perform these alignments more frequently in the future.