Tower of Magic is an event that challenges players to climb as far as they can! Anyone who has reached Level 20 can enter. The goal is to reach the highest level possible with the best score possible.

Players receive rewards at the end of the event according to their ranking, which is based on both the highest floor reached and the cumulative score from all floors played. Floors cannot be Continued with Gems upon defeat. Floors cannot be replayed upon victory.

Tower of Magic floors are intended to be much more challenging than most other stages in the game. Even players with very powerful heroes and great tactics may be in for some very tough battles!

Curses: On all floors, Magic Book tiles will routinely spawn and target the player's Heroes. These tiles must be removed in time before they detonate and inflict Magic Curse on their target. Once a Hero has been cursed, they can no longer be used within the Tower of Magic until the event ends. Heroes belonging to a "magical" Class (Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, Wizards) can withstand the first four curses, but will still fall with the fifth.

Blessings: Upon reaching certain floors, players will be given the opportunity to choose a Blessing. Blessings are buffs that will remain active on all of your Heroes within the Tower for the duration of the event.

Note that both Blessings and Curses cannot be removed or dispelled.