War of the Three Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer PvP event in which players are assigned to one of three gigantic factions and placed onto 100v100 battlefields. Players well acquainted with Alliance Wars may find the core system familiar.

Here are the key details:


  • Player must be Level 20 or above to participate

  • Participants are randomly matchmade into 100-player Warbands

    • Roster strength is accounted for in matchmaking

    • Warband Chat can be accessed on the battlefield

  • Each Warband belongs to one of three Kingdoms (Shu, Wei, Wu)

  • Warbands from different Kingdoms face off in a 100v100 Skirmish

  • Skirmishes are similar to Alliance Wars:

    • Points are earned by defeating enemy Heroes

    • All Heroes can only be used once on Attack

    • Players start with 6 War Energy, and get 6 more at the halfway point

    • Warband with more points at the end of the Skirmish wins

  • Heroes from the Kingdom and Journey Families may be summoned during the event

  • Event Bonus: Morale Boost

    • Fielding a Kingdom/Journey Hero will grant a stats boost of +10% attack, +3% defense, and +7% health to all allied Heroes during the battle

  • War Rule: Rising Fury

    • Heroes in your attack team receive a stats boost of +5% attack and +5% defense

    • Each attack you conduct in this War adds an additional +5% attack and +5% defense


  • Loot based on individual, Skirmish, Warband, and Kingdom performance


  • Day 1 Signup phase

  • Day 2 Preparation phase

  • Days 3,4 Battle phase

  • Day 5 Rewards

  • Summon Gate closes at the end of Day 5