Welcome to our biggest Summon Gate ever — it’s the Black Friday extravaganza!


Nov. 24, 07:00 AM UTC – Nov. 29, 07:00 AM UTC


Black Friday Summon

  • All Classic Heroes excluded from roster

  • Contains Heroes from:

    • ALL past Challenge Events
    • ALL past Heroes of the Month
    • ALL past Seasonal Events
    • Legends Tavern
    • Underwild, Valhalla, Atlantis
    • Ninja Tower & Tower of Magic
    • Alliance Quest
  • Special Bonus Chest

    • Significantly improved chance to receive useful Ethers, Emblems, high-level Ascension Items, Trainer Heroes, and Food Bundles

  • Two never-seen-before Legendary Heroes, Gaillard and Peñolite, will also be obtainable from this Gate before their "official" debut in a future event!

  • Costumes not included

Free Black Friday Gift!

  • All players will receive a FREE gift during the event

    • The gift will pop up alongside other Black Friday offers

    • Don’t forget to claim it before Nov. 26, 07:00 AM UTC

Regarding Tomes, the new item that was announced in the Version 43 release notes: We have decided to improve this feature further, and it will not be included in the Black Friday offers. More information later!