The Alliance Quests are events that you participate in with your entire Alliance, working together to get the highest score you can.  To be eligible to participate in Alliance Quests you must have joined an Alliance prior to the beginning of the event. If a player leaves an Alliance after the start of the Alliance Quest they will no longer be able to participate in the event and they will not receive any rewards when the event concludes even if they rejoin their Alliance.

There are 3 difficulty tiers: Rare, Epic and Legendary.  The Epic and Legendary tiers are unlocked once your alliance has reached a certain score. Each difficulty tier has limits on the Rarity of Heroes, Troops and Battle Items that can be used. In addition to the Tier Limitations, each Alliance Quest has an Event  Hazard which gets stronger as players advance in the difficulties. There is also an Event Hero Bonus, which allows players to gain additional perks in battles when they are using Heroes from that Alliance Quest (For example using Clash of Knights heroes in the Clash of Knights Alliance Quest).

Players will earn an Alliance Quest Chest upon completing each difficulty tier.

In addition to this, at the end of the Alliance Quest participants will receive their Ranking rewards which are based on their final ranking in both their Alliance and as an Individual. Players can see examples of possible loot along with more information by clicking on the Rewards Tab in the Alliance Quest View and on the tooltips for the leaderboards.

The score from each stage is defined by the enemies defeated, speed of completion and the amount of hero health left at the end of a stage. Big combos and great matches are also taken into account. Using Continues has a negative effect on the stage score.

The results screen at the end of a Stage shows the factors affecting the score in more detail.