If an Alliance Leader has not logged into Empires & Puzzles for 60 days, a new Leader will automatically be selected from among the eligible Alliance members.

If a Leader has been inactive for a month, there will be an automated message sent to the Alliance Chat and the Leader will receive a Push Notification notifying them that a new Leader will be selected if the current Leader remains inactive. A second notification will be sent to the Alliance Chat if the current Leader has not signed in after 45 days. After 60 days of inactivity from the Alliance Leader, a new Leader will be promoted.

Only Co-leaders and Elders are eligible to be promoted. Leader status will never be given to a Member, regardless of how long or how active they have been in the Alliance, or what ranks they have previously held in the Alliance. If there are no active Co-leaders or Elders, the Leader selection process will be stopped.

Support cannot transfer the leadership upon request, as this process is automated. If there are no eligible members who can be promoted, you might want to consider creating a new Alliance and invite the active players to join it.

Why hasn’t a new Leader been selected?

Below are the reasons why an inactive Leader hasn't changed yet:

  • The Leader has logged into the game before the 60 days of inactivity

  • The process is still ongoing

  • There are no Elders or Co-leaders who can be promoted to Leader