The Raid Formations feature offers players a chance to try different formations with their Raid Defense Teams. The feature is available in the Hero Academy, however, players can still face teams with different Defense Team Formations even if they do not have the Hero Academy yet.

Players can set their Raid Formation by going into their Hero Academy and tapping on the "Raid Formations" tab. There are a total of 4 formations available:
  • Standard
  • Reverse
  • Double
  • Reverse Double
Once the desired formation has been selected tapping the "Apply" button will set the new formation for the Raid Defense Team. Please note, it is only possible to change Raid Formations once every 24 hours. The cooldown period can be seen by tapping the blue 'i' in the upper left corner of the Raid Formations tab.

Raid Formations only apply to the Raid Defense Team used in normal Raids and Friendly Matches, they are not available for Raid Tournaments or Alliance War Defense Teams.