Mythic Titans are a powerful enemy which appear as a recurring event which can be accessed via the Quest View. In order to drive the fearsome Mythic Titan away, all players and Alliances must work together! Players will have a set number of attacks against a Mythic Titan during the event which will renew over the course of the event.

During this event, player and Alliances will compete to see who can deal the most damage to a Mythic Titan. There are three different leaderboards:

  • Best Single Attack by an individual
  • Highest TOTAL damage by an individual
  • Highest TOTAL damage for an Alliance.

There are 3 different difficulties that players can choose from when battling the Mythic Titan (Cautious, Brave and Extreme). These difficulties modify the players' attack (by buffing it in harder difficulties) and the titan's attack (by debuffing it on the lower difficulties).

Each Mythic Titan has unique offensive and defensive capabilities, and players can try a variety of new tactics to effectively battle against them. In addition to their unique attack and defense abilities, Mythic Titans summon Watchers every few turns; this cannot be prevented. Watchers block damage to the Mythic Titan from tiles from the column they spawn over. They also reduce any damage that would be dealt to the Titan by taking a fraction of it themselves. If the weak spot is on a Watcher, the Titan cannot be stunned. Trying to 'steal' a Watcher will kill it instead. Killing Watchers will slightly decrease the Mythic Titans Mana.

Mythic Titans also have a Mythic Aura. The Mythic Aura gives each hero a buff during their first battle against a Mythic Titan as they are "rested", however, after a hero has had 3 or more battles against the Mythic Titan, the aura will cause them to be fatigued, weakening them. The fatigue effect will grow stronger with each battle. This aura will remain in effect for the duration of the Mythic Titan Event.

The Aura effects can be seen on the affected heroes in the team selection screen prior to the battle. Please note if you flee a battle, this still counts as using the hero, and the Mythic Aura will still effect the hero.