Hello! The best way to contact us is to use the in-game support system. To access it, open the game and just tap "Menu" (bottom right) → "Options" → "SUPPORT" → "SUPPORT".

You will first be shown a list of frequently asked questions. If none are relevant to your situation and you require personal assistance, simply tap the button in the top right corner (Android: speech bubble icon, iOS: "Contact Us").

When filing a report, please share as much information as possible — especially the time, date, and time zone of when the issue occurred — so that we can locate said events quicker in our logs. Any screenshots or additional descriptions would also be helpful.

Please note that we currently only offer support in English. If you have problems understanding our replies, please take advantage of online translation services such as Google Translate.

If you have lost your account:

If your account was at any point linked to Game Center or Google Play, logging into the respective account then opening the game should retrieve it. If that does not work, please have a look at the My Account section of our FAQs.

If your game keeps crashing or does not load:

Please have a look at the Technical Help section of our FAQs.

If you cannot access the game at all, please reach out via the corresponding contact form: